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What Is Form 1098?

Form 1098 is primarily used to report mortgage interest when it totals more than $600 plus for that year. They also must be received during the course of your business or from a sole proprietor. This form can help you claim a mortgage deduction and points.

When do You Need to File 1098?

The following information you need to report in 1098.

  • How much was paid in interest
  • How much was paid for the mortgage insurance
  • Property taxes the mortgage company pays

1098 Important Dates For 2020 Tax Year

  • Recipient Copy-January 31st
  • IRS Paper Filing-February 28th
  • IRS eFile-March 31st

If these dates fall on a holiday they will be moves to the following day.

How to eFile 1098 for the Year 2020?

Tax1099 is the go-to source for your 1099 filings. You can eFile Form 1098 Online for the year 2020 using Tax1099. Don’t wait for the deadline eFile Now.!

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