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What Is Form 1098-T?

Form 1098-T is a tuition statement that college students generally get from their colleges around the time taxes are being done. The form will show a student how much they have individually paid in college expenses. 

What Expenses Qualify?

  • Tuition and fees at an eligible college or university
  •  Some meal plans that are necessary for enrollment

What Doesn’t Qualify For 1098-T?

  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation fees
  • Room and board

This 1098-T form can be used to claim education credits or a deduction on your tax return.

Important Dates For 1098-T

  • Recipient Copy-January 31st
  • IRS eFile-March 31st
  • IRS Paper Filing-February 28th

If these dates fall on a holiday they will automatically move to the next day.

How to eFile 1098-T for the Year 2020?

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