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IRS Federal Tax Payment

Swift, Secure, and Stress-Free
  • 1040 Series
  • 706 Series
  • Estimated Federal Tax Forms
  • Extension Tax Payments

  And more
  • 941 tax deposit/payment
  • 94X Series
  • 1120/ 1120S US Corporation Income Tax
  • Estimated Tax Payments
  • Extension Payments
And more

Easy, Reliable, Fast, and Accurate

Enjoy the convenience of paying your income, employment, estimated, and excise federal tax payments at your fingertips.
A solution for every taxpayer!

Make Payments Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you're navigating the office hustle or lounging on your favorite couch, pay your federal taxes electronically, anywhere, anytime, 24/7 with Tax1099.

Consolidated Tax Management

Make new federal payments, track the status of older ones, and get access to the historical data for up to 16 months, making it easy to review, reconcile, and stay organized.

Submit Enrollment Within Minutes

The initial enrollment process with EFTPS can be cumbersome and time-consuming, taking several days/ weeks to complete. In contrast, with Tax1099, you can submit your enrollment within minutes, eliminating waiting periods and enabling immediate access to federal tax services.

Make Payments for Multiple Clients

For businesses managing payroll taxes for your employees or a CPA/ accountant handling payments for numerous clients, our platform is designed to accommodate your diverse needs and make payments for multiple clients under a single login.

Avoid Hefty Penalties

Manual data entry can lead to errors, potentially resulting in costly consequences. With electronic payments, users can proactively sidestep potential penalties and interest charges, enhance the accuracy of their tax payments, and fulfill their federal tax obligations.

AI Chat & Round-the-clock Support

The industry's first AI assistant makes electronic payments simple. Plus, connect with the Tax1099 team directly to get more assistance with payment-related queries or more.

Schedule Estimated Payments

Plan ahead and manage your finances efficiently by scheduling federal tax payments up to 365 days in advance with Tax1099.

Go Paperless

Dealing with paper checks, stamps and mailings could be a real headache. By paying tax balances electronically, users can ensure quick, efficient and on-time payments.

Cut Costs, Not Corners !

Upfront Transparent Pricing.
No percentage fees or sneaky hidden charges!
Pay a monthly subscription fee of $ 29.99 + flat $2.99 per transaction and enjoy unlimited payments, regardless of your tax amount.

How to pay your taxes online with Tax1099?

Step 1

Register with Tax1099 and enroll yourself.

Step 2

Enter the tax payment details

Step 3

Verify the details

Step 4

Make your payment via direct debit to pay directly to the IRS

Step 5

Receive your payment confirmation through email.

Types of federal taxes you can pay online

Individual Tax Payments

1040* 1040-A* 1040-C 1040-ES 1040-EZ* 1040-NR
1040-PR 1040-SS 1040-X CT-2* 706 706-A
706-GS(D) 709 926 990-BL 5329 8288
8404 8697 8725 8876

Business Payment

11-C 706-GS (D) 706-GS (T) 709 720 730
926 940 941 943 944 945
990 990-BL 990-C 990-PF 990-T 1041
1041-A 1042 1065 1066 1120 1120-DISC
2290 2438 3520 4720 4980 5000
5227 5329 6069 8038 8288 8404
8612 8613 8697 8725 8752 8804
8805 8813 8831 8876 CT-1

Frequently Asked Questions

Tax1099’s IRS Federal Tax Payment Service is an online platform that facilitates secure and efficient electronic payments for federal taxes, both owed and estimated via direct debit.
This service is designed for businesses, employers, gig workers, self-employed individuals, and anyone with federal tax obligations.
Tax1099 supports various federal taxes, including income taxes, payroll taxes, self-employment taxes, and other tax liabilities.
Yes, you can schedule future tax payments using Tax1099.
Yes, Tax1099 allows you to access your payment history for up to 16 months.
Yes, Tax1099 caters to both business and personal federal tax payment needs, providing a versatile solution for a wide range of users.