Experience frictionless TIN Match Automation using Tax1099 platform for better compliance.

  • Use UI or API to do real time TIN Match under 30 seconds
  • Eliminates need to register employee and company phone for the OTP
  • High availability 24x7 on demand application for the TIN Match
  • Real-Time TIN Matching with 100% accuracy
  • Validate 5 Million+ TIN Checks every day with IRS
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Tax1099 TIN Match feature is flexible for different use cases like

  • Account Opening for neo banks & banking industry
  • Customer Onboarding for lending/financial services
  • Merchant Onboarding for retail/eCommerce industry
  • Gig Economy - 1099 Vendor onboarding compliance
  • KYC/AML Compliance to reduce false positives
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TIN Lookup

Verify the Tax Identification Number (TIN) of your Vendors!

Tax1099 TIN number lookup service helps you to avoid B-Notices and penalties of up to $260 per incorrect information and/or late returns by proactively matching tax identification number (TIN) and name combinations. There is a $530 penalty per information return for willful disregard.

Where you find a match, you know you have the correct TIN information for that vendor. Where there is a rejected or unissued TIN, however, you will want to follow up with the vendor to collect the correct data. You can use our W-9 e-Solicitation to gather the updated information. Managing the B-Notice process with us allows you to maintain all of your relevant vendor information in one place.

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TIN Matching Features

Ensure Quick and Accurate IRS Tax Filing with Tax1099

Real-time TIN Match

Instantly verify Taxpayer Identification Numbers in real-time, ensuring accuracy and compliance at the speed of your business.

Bulk TIN Matching

Effortlessly validate large volumes of Taxpayer Identification Numbers in a single process, streamlining compliance for extensive datasets.

TIN Match Within 24 Hours

Verify Taxpayer Identification Number and name combinations in 24 hours for an efficient and cost-effective verification process.

TIN Matching & Validation Service

How To Verify A TIN Number With Tax1099 TIN Lookup Service?

Tax1099 is an IRS-authorized e-File provider enabling businesses to eFile a variety of business tax forms conveniently. You can search TINs, EINs, SSNs, and more per the IRS database through Tax1099 TIN Lookup service. We search the SSA database to return your TIN search entries with accurate results. 

It is essential to note that Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs) are issued to businesses and nonprofits, whereas Social Security Numbers (SSN) are issued to individuals.

A business taxpayer is required to specify their TIN number in the business tax forms for the IRS to verify.

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Follow the steps below to check the TIN Match status for your entity
  1. Login to your Tax1099 account. If you haven't registered yet, Signupnow for free
  2. Enter the Business Name, TIN Number, and submit the TIN verification data.
  3. View the TIN Match report and check the TIN Number search status.

For Bulk TIN Lookup, download the IRS TIN Search template and upload with data as necessary. Explore the available Tax1099 integrations to export your TIN search data to Tax1099 easily.

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TIN Matching API Integration

Frictionless TIN Matching Service for Businesses

Businesses that have large vendor lists and very little time on their hands need an effective advantage that will enable them to conduct IRS TIN search effortlessly using Tax1099’s bulk Tax ID Verification API.

Our TIN Match API team will get in touch with your accounting teams to access the vendor data. Further, we will conduct the Tax ID Matching on your behalf, and send real-time updates to keep you posted about the TIN Matching status.

Additionally, we send automated W-9 request emails to vendors that did not provide the correct information, providing you with a lifecycle TIN Matching API.

Essentially, Tax1099's TIN Match API provides you with a dedicated team of specialists who work to enable tax compliance for your business.

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TIN Matching FAQs

Get Answers to Your Queries

A taxpayer identification number is commonly known as TIN Number. It’s a unique 9 digit number used to identify businesses, non-profits, individuals or other entities. Tax ID Numbers (TIN) are issued to businesses and nonprofits, whereas Social Security Numbers (SSN) are issued to individuals.

The unique TIN Number is used to identify a business, non-profits, individuals or other entities in tax purposes and other documents filed with the IRS. Taxpayer identification number is also used in the KYC process to reduce the false positives in banking and other financial sectors.

TIN Matching is a process of verifying a business, non-profits, individuals or other entities. TIN Match process uses a TIN Matching program to confirm the name and taxpayer identification number for 1099 vendors and other business use cases.

TIN, Taxpayer Identification Number, businesses or charities in place of SSN used by individuals, for bank accounts and filing with the IRS. Application for the TIN Matching be made after successful completion of the two-step eServices Registration process with IRS. It’s very slow and time consuming, you can’t do heavy bulk TIN lookup with IRS service.

But, Now it's very simple to verify TIN number with Tax1099.com TIN Lookup Service, and also offering real-time bulk TIN Match services for businesses of all sizes.

Tax1099’s TIN Match Program checks the information for you with the IRS database with lightning fast. That way verify payers TIN’s and you know you are filing with the most correct Tax id information.

Yes! You can do TIN Match yourself by registering with the IRS e-Services tool or by simply registering with the Tax1099 TIN Lookup service.

IRS e-Services Tool: Register with the IRS E-Services tool. The process may take a few weeks to complete. The IRS needs to confirm your SSN and name along with other details you have provided. After this, the IRS will send a login ID and password via the US Postal Service. You can use these credentials to check the TIN and name information per the IRS records.

For Interactive Sessions, you will receive immediate results.

For Bulk Sessions, you receive results in a few hours. The wait time can be extended to a day or two.

Tax1099 TIN Lookup Service: It’s recommended that you register and use Tax1099 TIN Match Program over IRS e-Services. Our TIN Check program is fast, secure and reliable. We offer interactive and bulk real-time TIN matching services for businesses. You can also search up to 100,000 TINs at once with Tax1099's real-time TIN Matching API. Feel free to connect with us for a free demo or to discuss more about our TIN Match API.

Tax1099 enables an easier and better way of verifying TINs through TIN Matching or TIN Lookup. Tax1099 is a digital regulatory reporting enabler that provides a variety of TIN verification services for you. We offer real-time TIN Matching which features Bulk TIN Checks.

You enter or import your vendors the same way you do to create your 1099s. Select ‘TIN Match’ on the user dashboard and our dynamic platform takes care of the rest. You get an ‘Accepted’ or ‘Rejected’ status for each match requested. The generated results can be accessed anytime through your account.

The IRS validates the TIN /Tax ID Verification /Tax ID Matching in their database when you file a 1099 return. When the IRS receive a TIN/name combination that doesn't match their records, they issue a CP2100 or CP2100A notice. This means the Payer has to issue a B-notice to the Recipient.

Later, you may receive a penalty notice if the TIN discrepancies are not fixed.

The penalties for TIN mismatch can be up to $260 per occurrence. Even for a small filer, a few of these notices will add up to an amount you don't want to pay. The largest penalty settled in the recent history amounts to $3,000,000 with a maximum limit for small businesses.

Being proactive and using an online TIN Match service can help you and your clients avoid these penalties. Use the IRS EIN Lookup tool to check the TIN and name before issuing payment to ensure vendor tax compliance. A TIN Check also encourages the vendor to comply since they know you won't pay until they furnish the tax details.

When the IRS rejects your TIN Match request, you should follow up with the vendor to confirm the information. Collecting a W-9 is the proper way to do this, but you may have already collected a W-9 from the vendor.

In such a case, it may be a good idea to call or email the person who completed or prepared the form. Often, there is confusion over what name to enter on the name lines of the W-9 form.

When vendors provide incorrect or inaccurate information, they aren't trying to get away with something (usually). They just don't know what goes where.

For clarification, Line 1 on the W-9 form is for the taxable entity name. This could be the individual's name if they operate a sole-proprietorship or single-member LLC. The IRS actually prefers these entities to enter the SSN, but will accept the ElN as well.

Line 2 on the W-9 form is for a business or entity name. This is where the "doing business as" name belongs.

The IRS has accelerated its inspection of filers in the last few years. Using tools like Tax1099 TIN Lookup or TIN Check helps you stay compliant. Proactive Tax ID Lookup is something the IRS recommends. The IRS also acknowledges your efforts to furnishing the most accurate tax information when issuing a notice or monetary penalty. TIN Checks help you prevent being penalized in the first place

We often see vendors provide a Doing Business As or DBA name instead of their legal entity name when completing the W9. The IRS will only recognize the legal entity name that matches the TIN associated with it. Make sure your vendors supply their legal entity name to you.

The TIN Match costs $1.00 per request to match a TIN/Name combination with the IRS database.

Ideally, you will check the TIN before you e-file. Once your vendor data is loaded or entered, you can go to Manage Recipients to check the TINs either individually or in bulk. If you are pushing the deadline to send forms to your vendors, you can use the TIN Match at checkout. Be sure to schedule the e-file to occur by the e-file deadline of March 31st. That will allow you time to receive the TIN Match results and correct any mismatches before the e-file occurs.

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