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Looking for information on IRS Form 1099-DA online? Unsure how to eFile 1099-DA tax return? Find all the information you need on Form 1099-DA easily with Tax1099. Report information relating to Digital Assets on Form 1099-DA

What Is Form 1099-DA?

  • 1099-DA, short for 1099-Digital Assets, is a brand-new IRS tax return, which is due for official use from the 2025 tax year.
  • The IRS is yet to publish information pertaining to this form.
  • According to tax experts, Form 1099-DA would be primarily used for reporting certain information pertaining to digital assets and crypto transactions.

Should You File 1099-DA With The IRS??

  • When the form would be implemented for official regulatory use, taxpayers would be required to report and file Form 1099-DA online or by mail.
  • Just like other 1099 forms, Form 1099-DA would also be a part of the 1099 reporting mandate for business tax filers.
  • You will need to report with and file a 1099-DA tax return if you’re a crypto entity, and you have digital asset information to report.
  • The reporting instructions are yet to be published by the IRS.

What To Report On IRS Form 1099-DA?

  • According to experts, Form 1099-DA may require taxpayers to report information relating to crypto transactions and digital or virtual assets.
  • The IRS hasn’t confirmed or provided the direction on Form 1099-DA reporting instructions so far.
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Form 1099-DA Reporting Instructions

  • Form 1099-DA is scheduled to be in official use from the 2024 tax year. The reporting instructions and the filing guidelines will be issued by the IRS in the next few months
  • Tax professionals and experts are looking forward to the specimen copy release later this year for the 1099-DA return.

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