Tipalti Integration to import data to eFile 1099 Forms and more

Automate Your Tax Information Reporting With
Tax1099’s Newest Accounting Integration - Tipalti

Improve reporting accuracy and accelerate digital tax compliance with
Tax1099’s latest integration – Tipalti; a cutting-edge accounting software

  • Why eFile with Tax1099

  • Easy and Secure eFiling

  • Quick and Accurate Reporting

  • State Filing Compliance

  • Supports Bulk eFiling

  • USPS Address Validation

  • Notice Management

  • More Salient Features

How Tax1099’s Tipalti Integration Helps You

Tax1099 is an authorized agent of the IRS enabling businesses with regulatory reporting and tax compliance solutions. With the newest addition to its vast list of integrations, Tax1099 aims to further accommodate the reporting requirements of our customers.
With real-time data management, frictionless data importing, and comprehensive features, Tax1099-Tipalti integration is designed to help users record their transactions, manage data, and report accurately, further tracking digital tax compliance at all levels.

  • Sync Your Tax-Sensitized Data From Tipalti To Tax1099

Tipalti users can easily sync all their tax-sensitized data to Tax1099 with just a simple click. Track your transactional data, import data to Tax1099, and manage tax returns in accordance with the real-time records.

  • 56-Bit Bank-Grade Security To Store & Transmit Data

All your data can be synced and imported to Tax1099 through our highly secure, end-to-end encrypted e-transmission platform. Import, save, and transmit your data and files seamlessly with Tax1099.

  • W-9 Vendor Compliance

Manage your vendor lists and solicit vendor tax information to avoid TIN discrepancies, IRS penalties, and rejected returns. Import your vendor lists from Tipalti, send TIN information requests, verify TINs in bulk, and report TINs accurately.

  • Workflow Management With User Rights

Assign different users for different tasks and manage their accessibility rights. With an organized workflow, you can get more done faster, review your returns at multiple stages, and ensure reporting accuracy and compliance.

  • 40+ Fed/State Forms

Tax1099’s comprehensive IRS Form Directory allows you to eFile 40+ state and federal compliant forms in just a few minutes. eFile in bulk to save on time and cost on each form. Our managed services allow you to file any of the forms from the directory in bulk.

  • Manual Entry/Import Your Forms

Apart from the automated data imports and form processing features, your teams can also manually enter the details, import the data, import the completed forms in bulk, and do more with our dynamic platform.

  • IRS Approved eFiling Platform

Tax1099 is an authorized eFile provider of the IRS enabling businesses to establish regulatory reporting and tax compliance. Our platform is built with multi-layered security features and dynamic processes to provide users seamless digital tax filing experiences.

  • Notice Management

Manage all your IRS notices and communications in one place with Tax1099’s notice management. Keeping a track of any rejected files, notices from the IRS, compliance notifications, and other updates become easier with Notice Management.

How Tax1099 Helps With Tax Compliance

Choose from a variety of tax reporting solutions and managed services to accelerate your IRS eFiles

Tax1099 Secured Plaform

1099 Reporting

Manage your business tax reports with 1099 informational reporting series. eFile 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, and more with Tax1099.

Two Factor Authentication on Tax1099

1098 Reporting

Lending businesses, debt collection agencies, and other businesses need enhanced 1098 reporting experiences. eFile 1098 forms with Tax1099 easily.

Single Sign-on

W-2 Reporting

Report your employee compensations to the IRS with W-2 forms. Choose bulk eFile solutions to report all employee compensations made during a tax year at once.

Tax1099 - Form-w9

1042 Reporting

If you have made payments to foreign nationals, their incomes are subject to tax withholdings per the U.S. tax laws. Report all such payments through 1042 reporting.

Rights Management

940 Reporting

Employers are required to pay both a federal and a state unemployment tax. Report all federal and state unemployment taxes with Form 940 reporting.

Tax1099 Workflow

480 Reporting

If you have made payments to a person who is related to the administration of law, then such a payment is not subject to tax withholdings. Report all such transactions with Form 480 reporting

Tax1099 - Form-w9

ACA Reporting

Employers that provide health care coverage to their employees are required to report the benefits and pay provided pertaining to the Affordable Care Act. Report your employee health coverage with ACA reporting

Tax1099 - Form-w9

All-State Reporting

Tax1099 enables you to report your taxes per the state-wise tax regimes. This way your business is complying with the state tax departments along with the federal tax regimes.

Tax1099 - Form-w9

TIN Verification/Bulk TIN Match API

Bulk TIN Matching allows you to verify the vendor and customer TINs per the official IRS records. Avoid TIN discrepancies, B-notices, and prevent IRS penalties with TIN Match API

Tax1099 - Form-w9

Print & Mail Forms

Address Validation from Tax1099 allows you to verify the mailing addresses of all your payees per the USPS records. Print and mail the original IRS forms and schedules to recipients easily

Tax1099 - Form-w9

Tax Professional Suite For CPAs & Filing Professionals

Paid preparers, licensed CPAs, and accounting professionals can manage all their client tax returns in one place with Tax1099. eFile for multiple profiles and manage reports effectively with our professional suite services

Tax1099 - Form-w9

Tax1099 API - Automate Your Tax Form Filings

API solutions from Tax1099 are designed to help your business save time and cut down on the manual workload. Prepare, validate, schedule, eFile, and manage your IRS tax returns in one place with Tax1099

The Easiest Way To eFile Your Information Return

Sync Data From Tipalti & Create Forms

Import tax data from Tipalti. Select and create your IRS forms, and the data will be processed to reduce manual data entry. You can choose to enter the data manually.

Validate Your Created Forms

Validate the tax information reported in your electronic forms with our TIN Matching and Address Validation solutions. Our dynamic platform starts calculating the tax you owe as you enter your tax details

eFile Your Forms

Schedule your eFiles to submit at least a week before the deadline or eFile instantly with our secure e-transmission platform. You will receive the proof of payment minutes after the submission

Trusted by Thousands of IRS-Complying Businesses

Brenda O,
St. John Holdings, Inc.
Financial Benefits Administrator

“The Tax1099 team took care of any issues when they were identified and did not stop working with me until everything was figured out. Getting this type of support is very important because of the deadlines for tax reporting. The Tax1099 teams’ commitment to following through is deeply appreciated!”

Yvonne P,
Midwest Integrated Solutions,
Tax1099 User

“I created my free account and made a mistake while filing. I reached out to the team and they were very patient with me and worked with me to fix the problem. The team responded quickly to me and would send updates on what was going on as they were fixing it. I really appreciate their help!”

Judy B,
Innovation to Enterprise,
Director of Finance

“I really was impressed with the support Tax1099.com provided at a time when I knew they were super busy.”

Cindy H,
Beyond Balanced Books, Inc.
Founder and Owner

“Tax1099 is exactly the tool we had been looking for to help us streamline our 1099MISC filing process. Their integration with Xero worked beautifully by allowing us to save many hours of data entry. With the help of Tax1099’s robust features, we were able to save time while offering our clients greater value.”

Jim S,
The Evans Network of Companies,
Small Business Owner

“We decided to outsource the process and Jon and the Team from Tax1099 were a lifesaver. Jon helped with some customized eFile assistance and all we had to do was forward an excel file with our information and Tax1099 took care of the rest at a very reasonable cost.. I would highly recommend Tax1099 to any company and look forward to working together with them in the for years to come.”

Ryan V,
Finance and Risk

“It was great having Tax1099 help service our filing needs. Jon was very helpful throughout the process and ensured the file that we provided was correct and didn’t have any issues. Additionally, he was readily available anytime I had questions!”

William C,
Talk Space,

“As a current and past customer, I’ve always looked to Tax1099 as my “go-to” when in a crunch with my clients’ needs.”

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