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Tax1099’s Tipalti Integration Is Everything You Need To Simplify Your Tax Information Reporting

Here’s everything you need to know about Tax1099’s latest integration – Tipalti and how it’s going to simplify your tax reports.

Tax1099 is one of the most-used digital interfaces for tax compliance and regulatory reporting. Loved by accounting teams, CPAs, and businesses of all sizes, the digital infrastructure of Tax1099 enables users to validate reports and file them through the secure e-transmission portal.

In order to further enhance the user e-filing experiences, Tax1099 has integrated one of the most-loved accounting automation software – Tipalti. This integration is designed to simplify bulk data imports, enabling Tipalti users to organize their tax-sensitized data and e-file the required tax forms with convenience. 

Let’s learn about this update in detail.

How Does The New Integration Affect Your Tax Reports? 

Users who primarily manage their accounts through Tipalti can select Tipalti to import their tax-sensitized data from Tipalti to Tax1099. Further, secure accessibility allow users to make real-time changes to their data without having to switch platforms.

For example, if you’re a Tipalti user and you have made some changes to your tax-related records on Tipalti, the changes would ‘sync’ with your Tax1099 data, allowing you to maintain an accurate record of transactions in real-time across both platforms. 

Further, users can import the data from Tipalti to Tax1099 and make changes to the data on Tax1099 with its dynamic data processing accessibilities.

For example, the digital 1099 returns will automatically start calculating the tax when you enter the necessary details in the form boxes.

What Does This New Update Mean For Tax1099 Users

  • Simplified bulk data import
  • Real-time data ‘sync’
  • Seamless data transmission 
  • Convenient report reviews 
  • Enhanced workflow management accessibilities
  • Accurate tax reports
  • Accelerated e-files 
  • Faster W-9 solicitation 
  • Minimized workload 
  • Validated & verified reports 

And the biggest advantage of all is that users can save time on manual data population, form processing, and multi-level data reviews.

Experience Accelerated Tax Reporting With Tax1099’s Tipalti Integration 

Businesses from a variety of industries can leverage Tax1099’s latest integration, Tipalti, to manage tax-sensitized data and establish IRS tax compliance. It is especially useful for businesses that have to e-file a large number of returns but have very little time on their hands. Tax1099’s Tipalti integration helps you with the following reporting requirements. 

Tax1099 For Accelerated Regulatory Reporting

How To Enable Tipalti Integration For Your Tax Reports On Tax1099?

Tax1099 has added Tipalti as one of the primary integrations for all users. So, you can just select Tipalti when you want to import data to Tax1099 from the available list of integrations. You do not have to manually enable any integration settings. 

However, if you are not able to find Tipalti in the integrations list, you can contact Tax1099 support here and find a quick resolution.

Tax1099 believes in delivering a seamless e-filing experience to all its users. By incorporating the feedback given to us by thousands of accounting teams and users around the world, we were able to add Tipalti to our extensive list of integrations.

This integration is aimed at creating smoother e-filing experiences for users around the world and enabling simplified pathways to compliance.

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