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What Is Form 943?

Form 943 – This form is the Employer’s Annual Federal Tax Return for Agricultural Employees. Let’s discuss 943 filing requirements, how to eFile, and deadlines for 2020.

Why Would You Use It?

  • Report taxes withheld from employees
  • This can apply to many different types of farm employees including harvesters, farm managers, and even soil surveyors

Who Should Use This Form?

You should fill out 943 if you have withheld any taxes from a farm worker’s wages. You should withhold wages if you pay an employee cash wage of over $150 total from the entire tax year.

You should also withhold if the total amount of money withheld from all farm workers during the year was more than $25,000. This form should be filed annually. 

Important Dates For Form 943

  • File by January 31st of the year after you paid the wages
  • If you paid payments on the liability all year then you can file by February 10th

If any of these days fall on a holiday you must file by the following day.

How to eFile 943 for the Year 2020?

Tax1099 is the go-to source for your tax information reporting with IRS. You can eFile Form 943 Online for the year 2020 using Tax1099. Don’t wait for the deadline eFile Now.!