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The Accountant’s Guide To Tax Season 2020

The Accountant’s Guide to Tax Season 2020 – Often during the busy tax season, accountants can end up bearing the brunt of everyone’s stress. Everyone is very stressed out and overwhelmed. With the following three steps below, you will be prepared to take on any obstacles that are thrown at you.

The Accountant’s Guide to 2020 Tax Season

When you’re stressed, healthy habits and extracurricular activities are some of the first things tossed to the side. Meanwhile, staying in your healthy routine is what often helps to keep stress levels low and health in tact.

According to a study by Replicon, accounting professionals take more sick time in March than any other month of the year, 17 hours on average compared to 11 hours in other months. This goes to show that accountants often get so overwhelmed and stressed with the amount of work they’re doing that they put their health last.

How To Handle Stress During Tax Season

A few ways to cope with stress and prevent getting sick are:

  1. Stay hydrated and nourished
  2. Take a walk outside
  3. Unplug

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Ways To Handle Stress & Stay Healthy

  1. Stay hydrated and nourished – Coffee is not a meal replacement. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, eat healthier snacks and do not skip lunch. A few healthy snacks that can keep you energized throughout your work day are: hummus & carrots, an apple with peanut butter, or a quick granola bar. Eating nutritious snacks helps wake your brain up & gives you plenty of energy.
  2. Take a walk outside – Taking a 5 minute break for some fresh air is so relaxing and mind opening. When the sun is shining, that short break is my favorite part of the day to get away from my desk. Fresh air & Vitamin C are super good for the skin when you’ve been locked inside the office all day.
  3. Unplug – Sitting at a desk all day staring at your computer can wear on ones eyes, back, and neck. Enjoy a tech-free lunch, a walk around the park, or a 10 minute chat with a colleague in the break room not looking at any screens. Maybe even hit up a quick local yoga class on lunch break to refresh the mind and give time back to yourself and your body before finishing up the work day.

We hope that this tips are a good reminder to take care of your health during this busy time! How do you manage your stress during tax season? Do you have any helpful hints to pass along?

Next in our series on the tax season for accountants, we’ll talk about how to handle frustrated clients. You can eFile your clients 1099 forms using our award winning platform Tax1099.com

Guest Blogger, Kendall Meaders