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Numbers, Trends, and Beyond: Tax1099’s Year-in-Review for 2023 

Tax1099 2023 Year in Review

As we approach the 2024 tax season, there’s a palpable sense of excitement at Tax1099. We’re thrilled about the prospects the new year holds and are profoundly thankful for the steadfast support from our users and customers during 2023. This is an ideal moment to extend our heartfelt thanks for the confidence you’ve shown in us. 

In a gesture of appreciation, we’re delighted to share Tax1099’s Year in Review. This retrospective showcases the key milestones, notable achievements, prevalent business trends, and the cooperative endeavors that have shaped our journey in the past year. 

Tax Form Filing Insights for 2023  

Leading Tax Form Filed

In 2023, we experienced a noticeable rise in tax filings, with the 1099-NEC claiming a significant 64% of the total, followed by forms 1099-MISC, W-2, 1042-S, and 941. This prompts an intriguing thought: Is the freelance sector becoming the backbone of our economy? 

Leading Tax Form Filed

Busiest and Quietest Days for Filings

The 31st of January 2023 stood out as the pinnacle of filing activity, signifying the importance of January as tax season kicks into high gear. Businesses were deeply engaged in wrapping up the previous year’s financials. On the other hand, the calmest filing day was November 23, 2023, likely due to Thanksgiving celebrations prioritized over paperwork. 

Tax1099’s Customer Acquisition and Usage 

Growth in the Tax1099 User Community

This year, Tax1099 welcomed a diverse group of several thousand businesses across all scales and sectors, from fresh startups to large enterprises and CPA firms. This growth underscores the platform’s ability to simplify the tax filing process across the nation, notably in California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Georgia. 

Growth in the Tax1099 User Community

Celebrating a Significant User Milestone

By the end of the year, Tax1099 proudly served half a million businesses, a figure that speaks volumes about our service impact and the trust our clients have in us. 

500k Businesses

2023: A Year of Innovation at Tax1099

In response to evolving compliance and filing requirements, Tax1099 has advanced its platform with new technologies and features designed to enhance efficiency, adapt to regulatory updates, automate processes, and offer customizable solutions for our users. 

Enhancements to eDelivery and Dashboard Features

We’ve improved our eDelivery service for recipient forms, providing secure, password-protected PDF access. Additionally, our new combined statement dashboard offers users a consolidated view of their filing activities. 

Introduction of New Forms for Filing

We’ve broadened our form assortment with the inclusion of MA 1099-HC, forms 480.6D, 480.7A, 8955, and state filing support for 1099-G, 1095B, and 1095C. 

Oracle NetSuite Integration Enhances Tax Filing

Tax1099 now seamlessly integrates with Oracle NetSuite, augmenting our existing compatibility with major accounting systems like QuickBooks and Sage Intacct, thereby facilitating greater efficiency in tax filings. 

Tax1099 Integration with Oracle NetSuite

High Customer Satisfaction Scores

Our Net Promoter Score soared beyond 60, reflecting enthusiastic customer endorsement of our services. 

Tax1099 NPS Score

Tax1099: The Choice of Professionals

In 2023, Tax1099 became the preferred tax filing solution for 30% of the Top 500 CPA firms, earning recognition across multiple industries. 

Verification and Reporting Achievements

We’ve excelled in ensuring accurate and secure filings, verifying over 20.8  Million identities and reporting $413 Billion in income to the IRS. 

Verification and Reporting Achievements

Tax1099’s Vision for 2024

Looking ahead, Tax1099 is dedicated to enhancing the tax filing process with groundbreaking innovations, such as our bespoke AI chatbot equipped with prompt engineering for tax assistance. This trailblazing tool is the industry’s first to fully integrate IRS publications, providing filers with assistance on a broad range of tax questions from straightforward to complex, all within a unified chat interface.

As we prepare for the 2024 tax season, we’re offering early filing incentives and web application improvements aimed at delivering a seamless tax filing journey.

Tax1099 is combining this AI-facilitated filing experience with a newly refined user experience design to deliver unprecedented productivity gains for our filers.