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Tax1099 In 2021: A Year In Review

Here is a rewind on Tax1099’s best moments in 2021.

A lot happened in 2021. Tax1099 expanded its services and support to deliver seamless tax compliance experiences to thousands of customers like you. 

There are countless moments to embrace and take inspiration from but some moments were so great, we wanted to share them with you.  And if you’re wondering; yes. There were some challenges along the way but we powered through and emerged stronger and smarter than before. 

As we prepare to welcome the New Year in 2022, here are the best highlights from a very promising and exciting year that was 2021. 

So, let’s get to it.

Tax1099 In 2021
Tax1099 In 2021

Processed  5 Million+ eFile Requests 

This year, we observed an influx in requests for eFile as businesses switched to eFiling. As a result, Tax1099 helped businesses like yours eFile 5,176,736+ forms in 2021. 

Checked 300,000+ TINs 

More businesses were a part of our Penalty Prevention Program and chose to look up TINs prior to reporting. Businesses checked 389,825+ TINs through Tax1099’s real-time TIN matching service.

Rated ‘Extremely Useful’ 10,000+ Times 

Customers reached out to our customer success teams and rated our extended support services as ‘extremely useful’ over 10,000 times. We want to keep up these good numbers and continue to take constructive feedback from valuable customers like you. 

50,000+ New Users Registered 

Tax1099 has been consistently adding 50,000+ customers over the last three consecutive tax years. In 2021, 50,000+ new registrations were recorded, indicative of our consistent efforts to enable seamless digital tax compliance experiences.

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Adding Tipalti To Our Integration Widget

Tax1099 is all about convenience. So, we wanted to amplify the experience by adding new accounting software integrations to our widget. Tipalti was added to our widget in 2021 along with other in-built updates and customers absolutely loved the ease of this integration.

Users were (and continue to) import their tax-sensitized data easily through Tax1099’s Tipalti integration.

Give it a go here 

Enabled Crypto Tax Reporting For Businesses

The IRS made some significant announcements in 2021 regarding the cryptocurrency reporting regimes. It was obvious that many businesses and crypto exchanges were looking for crypto tax reporting platforms. 

Tax1099 launched a virtual trade reporting and management service earlier this year and many businesses registered to organize their crypto tax information reporting with us. 

Extending API Support For Enterprise Clients 

Tax1099 extended its API wing in full force in 2021. As businesses were recovering from the gloom of pandemic-struck 2020, they were also looking for dedicated API support to organize, validate, and verify their tax information reports prior to filing for this tax year. 

Right from W-9 form collection, real-time TIN matching to other business identity checks, our API was found useful by hundreds of businesses. 

Enabled Real-Time Identity Checks For Businesses

Speaking of API, businesses invested more time into validating the tax information prior to reporting in 2021. Information such as the tax-exempt status of an organization, vendor TINs, legal status, and more was rapidly requested by customers. 

Understanding the inherent need for identity checks, Tax1099 introduced a suite of business identity checks and provided real-time information to enable accurate search results. 

Checks include TIN Match, IRS Tax-Exempt Org. Search, OFAC Check, Death Master File Check, and other KYB & KYC checks. Learn more about Tax1099 API

Partnered With Spectrum Equity & First $163 Million Funding

This is one of the biggest milestones for Tax1099 and its teams yet. Zenwork, Inc. (parent company of Tax1099) partnered with Spectrum Equity; a leading growth equity firm focused on internet-enabled software and information services companies and closed a $163 million minority growth equity transaction.  Learn more

This means Tax1099 will upscale the digital tax compliance and regulatory reporting framework to provide the best service to businesses. Users can expect faster processing, utility-driven updates, compliance management features, and other useful tools. 

Businesses Looked Up Tax1099 120,000+ Times On Google 

Tax1099, its features, communications, and the collective efforts of our teams were doing the work for us. People around the country looked up Tax1099 and its eFile services on Google over 124,244 times. 

Note From The Editor

Tax1099’s efforts to enable convenient tax compliance management for businesses are being noticed and we’re extremely grateful for it. We’re extremely thankful to customers who support us and have complete faith in our ecosystem. We will continue to put in the effort and the quirks of technology to work to provide seamless eFiling experiences to businesses. 

As 2021 comes to an official end, we want to leave 2021 on a good note and start the New Year with what we have learned in the past year, and use those valuable insights into bettering what we do. 

A very happy and prosperous New Year to everyone…

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