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Tax1099 for Tax Year 2019

Tax1099 for Tax Year 2019 – New year, new Tax1099. Is anyone else getting deja vu from that line? At Tax1099, that’s the only accurate way to describe our platform from year to year: new. Each year, we focus on improving your user experience, the ease of your process. How do we do it?
By listening. Our number one goal as your 1099 eFiling & reporting compliance platform is to stay alert and agile to your suggestions and feature requests. What have we got for you this year? Glad you asked. Here’s the rundown.

Tax1099 for Tax Year 2019

For everyone:
  • Mask & unmask TIN, account-wide, under “My profile”
  • Block a single form out of a submission batch, if needed
  • Choose to add state filing after submitting federal forms
*Note: You’ll still need to file the forms with the IRS for us to be able to submit the state filing

For QuickBooks users:

For users looking for a little extra: We’re introducing Notice Management as an optional add-on to Enterprise accounts. Rely on Tax1099’s expertise when you get a notice from the IRS. We’ll guide you through the research, response, document management, and billing tasks involved. More on Notice Management with Tax1099.
For users feeling a little territorial: We’ve added 480.6a and 480.7a forms for Puerto Rico. We’ve also added W-2 GU and W-2 VI forms for Guam and the Virgin Islands.
Need a comprehensive overview of the platform? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a recording of a webinar we recently gave. Other questions? Our support team is ready to answer your live chats, emails, and phone calls.

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