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Tax1099 Integration With QuickBooks Online

Tax1099 integrates with QuickBooks Online’s “Plus” version to sync your vendor information into the 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC forms.

How To Connect The QuickBooks Online With Tax1099 Application

Steps to connect QuickBooks online with Tax1099:

Then, your data will import to

How it works with QuickBooks Online

Generate 1099’s based on the information available in QBO. Users can connect multiple clients under one Tax1099 account. For QBO users, switching between client information only takes a click.

Submit eFiles in separate batches, and still take advantage of the tiered pricing model. Edits made to forms in Tax1099 can be synced back to QBO, as can information from Tax1099’s vendor management tools, W-9 and TIN matching.

What The Process Does

Tax1099 reviews the vendor file to find 1099-eligible vendors. The integration brings over these verified vendors and their payment information. The process automatically excludes credit card payments. If you’ve mapped payments to accounts in QuickBooks Online, it will also exclude expenses.

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