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Online Workflow Streamlines Your Multi-User 1099 Process

If more than one person is involved in your 1099 filing process, you have a workflow. There are a lot of components to the filing process:

  • Data entry
  • Data review
  • Edit forms
  • Approve forms
  • Submit forms
  • Generate reports
In a paper-filing world, paper shuffles from one desk to another. Online tools can ease the workflow process, and can help prevent costly mistakes.

What to Look for in a 1099 Workflow Tool Online

A good online workflow tool will help you file more efficiently. Here are some features of our workflow tool, available through an e-File Plus account.

Custom Rights Management – What roles and restrictions do you need to put in place? For example, you might have a user with full administrative access. Another user might have read-only access.

Ability to Add Unlimited Users – Right now, you may have two workers on the filing task. Later, it might turn into an all-hands-on-deck scenario. What if your team grows quickly? Find a tool that permits any number of users.

System-generated Notifications – A good tool will send an automated notification message when a task is ready to be passed from one user to another. A link should be embedded with the notification, and should allow the next user to take the next step.

Enter Notes for Rejected Forms – A reviewer can enter notes for forms. The system-generated notification should include notes entered by the reviewer.

Edit Rejected Forms – The user who entered the form content needs to be able to fix problems, based on the notes. All form fields should be editable.

Send Edited Forms for Review – Once a user edits a form, the changes should be reviewed. The workflow should include the ability to send forms back through the review process.

Submit Forms – As the final step, someone should have access to submitting and paying for the forms.

Tax1099.com is a flexible workflow management tool. Visit Tax1099.com to learn more about our e-File Plus accounts.