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Now Available: Forms 943 and 941X

Over the course of the summer, our development team worked to update our platform with your suggestions. One suggestion we heard was to include forms 943 and 941X in our collection. We’re happy to announce that those forms will be available through Tax1099 for the 2017 filing season.

FORM 943
File form 943 if the wages you paid to a farm worker were subject to:

  • Social security
  • Medicare taxes
  • Federal income tax withholding

In Tax1099, you can access this form from Forms > New Form.

File form 941X if you need to make a correction to your form 941.
You should have filed a form 941 to report taxes withheld from employees’ paychecks. This includes social security tax, Medicare tax, and income taxes. The form is also used to pay the employer’s portion of the social security or Medicare tax.

Is form 941X eFiled? 
No, the form is not sent to the IRS by eFile. The IRS does not accept form 941X by eFile.

How is form 941X filed? 
The IRS accepts form 941X by mail.

How will Tax1099 help me file the form? 
Enter your information into our platform. We’ll create the form for you. You can download the PDF, print, and mail the form.

How will the form be stored? 
As with all forms you file on our platform, they will be stored in Tax1099 for seven years. Even though the form 941X is not eFiled, the information will be saved in our system, with our 256-bit bank-grade security. Access those forms at anytime.

We strive to provide for all your filing needs. Please comment below with any suggestions you have for us, and thanks for continuing to use Tax1099!