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Tax1099’s New Features for Tax Year 2020-2021

API, New Forms, Integrations, and much more to be unveiled in the upcoming tax season to simplify the e-filing process.

Filing your 1099 tax forms is considered to be one of the most hectic tasks one can undertake. It’s messy, requires a lot of attention, and of course, needs a lot of paperwork. Well, if you are paper filing, this is more or less what you experience.

But if you’re one of those millions of e-filers, then you know that filing your tax forms is a cakewalk (and we are not even exaggerating). When you have a convenient e-filing tool like Tax1099 by your side, e-filing becomes what it ideally should be – easy.

If you are a Tax1099 user, you might be familiar with our seamless features, such as 256-bit bank-grade advanced encryption standard, two-factor authentication, Single Sign-On, Notice Management, TIN Matching, and much more.

But you know our team at Tax1099. We don’t stop at making things just right. We go beyond. So, we are introducing more awesome features, sleek integrations, new forms, and other add-on services that would further enhance your e-File convenience.

In this blog, we will briefly discuss these new updates and help you understand how these updates would further deliver a user-friendly experience.

So, let’s get to it.

Updates: What’s New In Tax1099?

  • API for bulk e-filing
  • Added New Forms: 1099-NEC,1099- INT and 1099-DIV
  • New Integration: Accounting Suite

Tax1099 has rolled out these new updates and users can take advantage of these sleek features in the upcoming tax season starting January 2021.

API (Application Programming Interface) For Bulk e-Filing

Tax1099’s API is designed to help users with bulk e-Filing and form management. This dynamic tool would help users with W-9 Collection, TIN Check, W-9 Status Updates, Tax Exempt Checks, PDF generation, and of course, e-filing.

W-9 Collection

Users can easily collect their W-9 forms through their registered email ID. Alternatively, they can log into their Tax1099 account and collect the W-9 forms digitally right from the dashboard.

TIN Check  

While this feature has been around for a while, the update will help users to check their SSN and EIN paired with personal information in accordance with the IRS database.

Real-Time Status Updates

Users will be able to get real-time status updates on W-9 forms, right from form completion and checks to endpoints.

Tax-Exempt Check  

Users will be able to understand if their organization is exempt from tax filing in accordance with the IRS in just a few seconds.

PDF Generation

Users will be able to generate and download PDF copies of the completed W-9 forms and other forms e-filed through their Tax1099 accounts.

Form e-Filing

Last but not the least; Tax1099 API will allow users to bulk e-File information tax returns to the IRS and states with the US Postal Service mailings through Tax1099.

The best part about these updates? Pretty much everything is automated and requires minimal human intervention. All you need to do is connect your Tax1099 account with any of the available data management and account management integrations in the App Center, and let our powerful platform auto-generate your forms, fill the forms, and do more without you having to spend hours on it.

Further, these updates will allow users to review the forms before they’re sent to the IRS, and if the information entered needs to be corrected for accuracy, users can just get in touch with our API dev-ops. We will coordinate with your developers and take care of the rest. API is ideal for business taxpayers that want to bulk-file their tax forms to the IRS.

Added New Forms: 1099-NEC, 1099-INT and 1099-DIV

Tax1099 has added new forms; namely 1099-NEC, Form 1099-INT, and Form 1099-DIV to the form directory to further provide a seamless e-filing experience to all our users.

Users can select any of the forms right from the form directory available on the dashboard, enter the information, validate the same, and send the reviewed form to the IRS.

New Integration: Accounting Suite

This customizable cloud accounting software integration will allow users to manage their tax-related data, and sync that data with their Tax1099 account.

After connecting the Accounting Suite account with Tax1099, users will be able to see real-time changes across both platforms. Meaning: the changes to data that you make on either of the accounts will be automatically available on the other.

What’s In It for You?

Tax is rolling out with these new updates to deliver a virtually effortless e-filing experience to all Tax1099 users. If you are not using Tax1099 already, we recommend that you do (because you’re missing out on a LOT).

You can sign up for free here. We are looking at not just bringing in new things just for the sake of it, but to actually provide a convenient experience that promises security to users.

Experience Convenience

There is no doubt that paper filing and other e-filing options require a lot from you. You need to sign this, install that, gather these forms, and so on. With Tax1099, you not only have to do any of it, but you actually get what you came to us for convenient e-filing.

These updates would help thousands of users like you who are looking for an easier e-filing process and we are doing this by bringing together tools that you already use every day.

Control Everything

Old and new features alike are designed in such a way that users get to control what they’re sending to the IRS and how they send it. Only submit the forms that come to your desk error-free.

Submit your forms with peace of mind knowing that your forms are being transmitted to the IRS with the best encryption security standard known to man. No complex protocols and no complicated technicalities. 

Save Time With Tax1099

When you have a dashboard loaded with powerful and secure forms that are ready to file whenever you’re ready, you cut down on time spent on finding the very form that you want to file. Our guidebooks, notifications, and timely emails further help users to comply with the IRS almost effortlessly. This helps you save not just time, but effort too.

Can things possibly be any better?

Well, yes.

In fact, stay tuned for some more awesome experiences that will be delivered your way.

Have a take on our new updates? We would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below.

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