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Introducing: Zenwork HRIS

Human Resource Information Systems: clunky and complicated, right? Sure, they could help us with benefits, recruitment, and performance management issues – if we could ever figure out how the system works.

Introducing Zenwork HRIS: a simplified HR system for the sophisticated business.

With all the compliance tools we already offer, including Tax1099, for informational returns, EZ2290 for truck taxes, and EZExtension, for personal and business tax extensions, why add a Human Resource platform?

As with our other tools, we saw the need; the need for a user-friendly, feature-rich platform that simplifies sophisticated software. Being, as we are, in constant communication with accountants from across the country, we’re aware of the struggles they and their clients encounter. We want to be the solution.

Using cloud technology, Zenwork’s HRIS system provides simplified workflows and data dashboards for all manner of HR modules, so that you can quickly and completely complete your HR tasks. We’ve created data tiles across the system and modules. You won’t have to extract information anymore – we give you relevant data, and we refresh that information daily.

Zenwork HRIS is your HR system, so make it your own. We brand to your specifications. Use custom theme settings, so that Zenwork HRIS is an extension of your company’s tools.

Our Benefits Administration module allows you to announce and analyze enrollment. Break down your staff by enrollments that haven’t begun, enrollments that are in process, pending approval, and enrollments that are complete. Create benefit eligibility groups to determine employee eligibility, including eligibility for grandfathered plans. With our open enrollment wizard, you can test and preview any changes for the upcoming year, before publishing this information for your staff, helping you avoid confusion. Onboarding current and new employees into your benefits administration is so simple.
Use our in-built tools to capture NPS feedback from your employees. Which plans do your employees appreciate? Which plans are not receiving the appreciation needed for the plan to make sense? Gather survey information from employees, and take a data-driven approach to benefits administration.

Examine your hiring options, and the associated time and costs of hiring for each position. Our Recruitment Module shows you the status of your job postings, so you know which recruiting tools are the most successful for any position. Use our job calculator to identify recruitment costs, and to learn how to allocate resources more effectively. With our Recruitment Module, you can manage job postings with LinkedIn, Indeed, and more, generating the most possible traffic and buzz for your job openings.
Schedule interviews, and keep track of candidate status and scores, all from inside Zenwork HRIS. No need to start from scratch when hiring for a new job opening; creating and storing job descriptions in your recruitment bank will speed the process of filling new openings.

Organize and engage staff with modern, two-way touchpoint tools built in to Zenwork’s platform. Don’t let a year go by before checking in with your employees. You need a simple, repeatable method of checking in with your staff regularly; we’ve got that method. Staff and managers connect through a weekly eCheckpoint. Employees answer our auto-populated questions, or questions that you create. How did you feel about your work this week? How did you feel about your ability to complete tasks with the information and tools you were given? Get organized with performance management to optimize work on tasks.

Zenwork’s Leave Administration Module gives you a way to manage timesheets and administer time-off policies. Create standard work schedules for certain jobs, and customize as needed for individual employees. Receive automatic alerts for missing time punches, or unapproved timesheets, so that your data is accurate and prepared when it’s time to process payroll.
Employees can request time off, and view the time off of other employees on their team with our at-a-glance dashboards. Set holidays and blackout dates, so your team can prepare in advance.

Allow HR updates to be made by your employees and managers. Take an empowering approach to HR; lock and unlock info-updating capabilities as you see fit, and let our system communicate the rest of the process to your staff. Our dashboards easily guide your staff through our system, updates, and finding their information.
Customize workflows that defy organizational flow charts – your company doesn’t always play by “the” rules. We play by your rules, so we allow for customization of approvals and reviews.

We are proud of the work that we’re putting in on this new platform. At Zenwork, we thrive on your feedback and feature requests. That’s why we’re offering our platform to you for a limited time as a beta tester. Connect with our HRIS team here!