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Integration Series #2 – QuickBooks for Windows Plugin

You may have heard that the sync manager in QuickBooks Desktop is going away. Intuit is focusing their development efforts on the cloud-based “QuickBooks Online.” The sync manager housed Intuit’s 1099 e-filing service. How can you E-file your 1099-MISC forms directly from QuickBooks Desktop? offers a plugin built with Intuit’s Software Development Kit for QuickBooks Desktop. The plugin adds a menu item to the “company” menu. You can import your 1099-MISC data to through the plugin.

Install the plugin

The first step of the process is to add the plugin to your QuickBooks menu. Under the Imports menu in, you’ll see an option for QuickBooks Desktop. The zip file on that page contains instructions and the plugin executable file. Before installing the plugin, be sure to close all QuickBooks-related programs or files. You’ll need to temporarily disable your antivirus/firewall. Right-click QuickBooks to run as an administrator. This will complete the installation.

You may need to work with your hosting provider (Cloud 9, Right Networks, InsynQ, NovelASPect, etc.). These hosting providers control the installation process.

The first time you open a company file after the install, QuickBooks will ask if you’d like to grant permission to access information. will access information such as taxpayer identification numbers. After granting this permission, the company’s information will be ready for the import.

You’ll need to grant access to each company’s files, but you only have to install the plugin once.

Run the plugin

You can use the 1099 Wizard in QuickBooks Desktop to ensure your data is ready. Once you verify the 1099 information is ready, go to the Company Menu. Select “Tax1099QBWPlugin” near the bottom of the Company menu.

A login window will pop up. Enter your username and password. Select the tax year to integrate. You can choose from the current tax year, or the two prior tax years.

The plugin identifies and reviews vendors with the 1099-eligible flag selected. Then, the plugin sends vendor information to

Credit card payments are excluded. You can map specific boxes in the chart of accounts in QuickBooks. The amounts will come over according to your specifications. If a vendor received payments in more than one box, each box amount will display on the 1099-MISC form.

Edit data in

The data brought to by the plugin will display in an import grid. reviews each vendor’s information. If an error registers with the system, a red dot will display next to the vendor’s name. You can edit the data directly in You can also return to QuickBooks Desktop to fix the data, then re-import.

You can remove vendors from the import grid, if needed. You can also modify amounts. Downloadable Excel files are available for any errors. You can also import through an Excel.  See our Knowledge Base for more information.

E-file forms

As you’re submitting and paying for forms, note the “scheduled date” of the forms. We automatically schedule all forms to e-file with the IRS on the deadline date, March 31st. Up to that date, you may edit forms. This gives you time to make changes without having to file a corrected form to the IRS.

Form delivery for recipients is also available through our site. We have three delivery methods: PDF to portal, PDF to e-mail, and USPS. You can also choose to download and print forms from These recipient copies can be mailed to your recipients.

Why should you e-file with You can:

  • Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop and other leading accounting software
  • File forms/corrected forms year-round
  • Access your forms online at any time
  • Use prior-year filing for corrected forms or to bring a company into compliance
  • Deliver forms to recipients
  • Upgrade to Enterprise to control user rights and manage form workflow
Integrate your QuickBooks Desktop vendor data with Take advantage of a best-in-class e-filing solution.