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CPA Practice Advisor Commends Tax1099 – Recommends Its 1099, W2, & Other eFiling Solutions To CPA Firms

Hosts Randy Johnston and Brian Tankersley from CPA Practice Advisor in The Technology Lab podcast series commend Tax1099 for its convenient digital tax filing experiences.

Editor’s Note: Comments and views of the hosts have been edited for length, relevance, and clarity. 

Hosts Randy Johnston and Brian Tankersley, in the podcast series titled The Technology Lab podcast from CPA Practice Advisor, talk about the complexities in tax filings, and how CPAs can leverage digital-first tax filing solutions like Tax1099 to better manage 1099 and other form filings.   

Randy Johnston is the Executive Vice President and shareholder at K2 Enterprises, and a leading Continuing Professional Education provider for CPAs in North America. 

His co-host, Brian Tankersley, is a nationally-recognized speaker from K2 Enterprises, and a seasoned author on accounting tech. 

Together, the compliance tech experts review Tax1099 from a tax practitioner’s perspective and provide great insights.

Image Credit: CPA Practice Advisor

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Tax1099 Review

The podcast begins with the host, Randy Johnston, talking about how taxes are something that everyone has to do. 

He segues into a variety of technologies available to tax practitioners that help address the “painful” experiences of filing 1099s and W2s. 

He suggests, “With the help of the right platform and the right tools,” the experience surrounding these filings doesn’t have to be so painful. 

Having been familiar with a variety of tax filing tools, Randy, and his co-host, Brian, begin to review Tax1099 and share their views.

“A Strategy Change For Your Firm” 

Right off the bat, Brian introduces Tax1099 as “a strategy change” for firms. 

He gets real, “nobody gets paid their worth for doing 1099s”. 

Forms like W2s, 1099s, 1042s, payroll forms and other similar forms are a part of the tax regime. 

He explains that most tax practitioners resort to outsourcing 1099 form preparations and filings to someone else at reasonable pricing to save time and energy. 

This is because even though the forms do not profit the tax practitioners, they’re still obligated to do them for their clients.

These “regime” forms are an unignorable part of the IRS’ voluntary tax compliance mandate

Alternatively, practitioners can also provide value to the compliance aspects. 

However, providing further value to a rigid process like this, is not an easy bargain. 

So, instead, practitioners should consider automating the process itself because it helps navigate your firm through peak filing season in January (the busiest time of the year for tax practitioners and CPA firms). 

Losing hours and days on mundane tasks like 1099s and W2s preparation takes away chunks of productive time (which you should be ideally spending on other operational aspects of your business). 

Brian adds that buying some tax software available on a CD at OfficeMax or Office Depot and using it to prepare your clients’ 1099s is no longer viable.

“Honestly, those days are gone”, he notes. 

“I Have Personally Used Tax1099 For Many Years” 

Circling back to Tax1099, Brian says that Tax1099 is a tool that he has been “personally using for many years” to eFile 1099s and W2s. 

Providing his views on using Tax1099, Brian says, “What I like about it is that I can get in, I can do the work, and they (Tax1099) deal with the electronic filing, they deal with the mailing,”

He continues, “And I just write a check, and make that go away.”

”And the pricing is pretty reasonable,” he notes. 

Brian also acknowledges how Tax1099 is integrated with top-rated accounting software tools like Tipalti, QuickBooks, Bill, Xero, FreshBooks, Sage Intacct, Excel, and many more, and provides API support as well.

“This (Tax1099) gives you a tool that will work with the majority of your small business clients,” He further explains.

“If your clients need you to get their 1099s and W2s filed, and you don’t want to do it, this gives you an easy way out.” 

Tax1099 is a convenient way to get things done without doing much, and getting it right.

Talking about the times he’s used Tax1099 for his clients, Brian says, “I’ve used this for about a few years and what I like about it is that I can spend 15 minutes, and then the 1099-W2 theory just rains this stuff down to them (clients) through an email, and it also sends them a link so that they can get their taxes filed.”

He notes how Tax1099 has saved him from receiving “500 million calls” a day asking him for an update on their W2 and 1099 filings. 

“This Is A Tool That Makes It Possible” 

Brian raves “This is a tool that makes it possible,” and proceeds to talk about all the awesome features that Tax1099 packs within, including but not limited to:

The features and the user dashboard interface impressed Brian so much that he recalls thinking “Oh I just type it in, and there it goes!” 

“A Single Platform That Takes Cares Of All The Forms”

Randy chimes in “Even though the product is labeled Tax1099, it also takes care of all the forms, like payroll forms, 1098s, and so forth” 

“What I like here is that you’ve got a single platform to take care of all the forms,” he adds.

With Tax1099, you can file your clients’ 1099s and other form types electronically or by paper (if that’s what your clients prefer).  

“The More You Do, The Cheaper It Gets”

It’s a mix of pricing, based on the forms,” Randy says.

Randy continues, “And it’s tiered pricing, so the more you do, the cheaper it gets.” 

“It’s certainly better than using your time in any other way,” he notes.

Highly Scalable. Beautiful. Real

Randy raves about the scalability of Tax1099, saying “It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got one, or 10,000, or 100,000 (forms), this platform, I think, has the ability to do it.”

“What’s beautiful about this is the depth to which they go,” Brian weighs in.

Referring to the state filing options that Tax1099 offers, Brian says, “What I like about this is that they have many forms, and it gives you a platform, where, regardless of where (you’re based, be it a state or a U.S. territory) they (Tax1099) have a solution that will solve the problems in those jurisdictions.”

“It gives you an opportunity to make your life better,” Brian adds. 

“This is what a real form filing platform looks like.” Randy chimes in.

 “Be All That You Can Be” 

As the podcast nears the end, Brian highlights the complexities of tax filings that practitioners and tax firms come across almost every year. 

1099s and W2s are a part of the IRS mandate that you have to follow through to build your value with your clients. 

Tax1099 steps into this space and makes this entire process a breeze, helping you and your teams focus on what matters to you the most – your business. 

“We encourage you to find a solution like Tax1099 to take this problem away so you can do what makes you and your team and firm happy, and be all you can be” Brian vouches.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Schedule a demo with us today and get Tax1099 for your business. 

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