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Tax1099 Integrates With Bill.com

Tax1099.com integrates with Bill.com so users can transfer their data without manually entering vendor and contractor’s payment information.

How to set up vendors and contractors

Once on your dashboard on Bill.com, follow these steps to set up your vendors and contractors

  • Toggle to the left-hand side of the dashboard, and underneath ‘Payables,’ select ‘Vendors’
    • If you are adding new vendors for the first time:
      • Click the ‘Add your first vendor’ button
      • Complete the ‘Vendor Basics,’ ‘Vendor Address,’ ‘Vendor Bank Information,’ and ‘How Do You Want to Pay Your Vendor?’
      • Choose ‘Auto-Pay Setup’ by clicking the button in the top right corner of the box (this is optional)
      • Continue to complete information in the ‘Payment Information,’ ‘Contacts,’ and ‘Additional Information’ boxes
      • Select ‘Add vendor & send invite’ in the top right corner of the screen
    • If you are importing vendors:
      • Click hyperlink ‘import your vendors’
      • Select from which entity you would like to import or export information
      • Select the proper file 
      • Click ‘Continue’
    • If you are adding vendors to a previously existing list, see the last step 
  • Your vendors will now be listed, and you can navigate the toolbar to access information under the ‘Bills,’ ‘Payments,’ ‘Vendor Credits,’ ‘Contacts,’ ‘Details,’ ‘Documents,’ and ‘Notes’ tabs
  • To add more vendors, select ‘Add vendor’ in the top left corner of the screen and complete the needed information in the fields provided

How to pay contractors

To pay contractors in Bill.com, follow these steps:

  • On the left hand side of the screen, select ‘Vendors’
  • Select which vendor you would like to pay from the list that appears on the left
  • Select ‘Pay Vendor’ on the right side of the vendor’s box
  • Complete the ‘Payment Details’ and ‘Payment Information,’ and add information under the ‘Add Bank Info’ header if not done previously (to make ‘Add Bank Info’ text boxes appear, click the button in the upper right corner of the box)
  • After information is complete, select ‘Review and Pay’ in the top right corner
  • Review the payment information and complete the transaction

How to get info from Bill.com to Tax1099

To sync data from Bill.com to Tax1099, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Tax1099 account
  • Navigate to left side menu > click ‘Import’ > ‘Bill.com,’ enter credentials then click ‘Proceed’
  • Select your desired company and tax year and click ‘Load Data’
  • Select ‘New Import’ (unless it is the first data entry of the year: skip this step)
  • Each payer will need their EIN updated (edit using the box to the right of the payer name)
  • Click the ‘Download Error List’ button to see the complete list of data entry errors
  • Enter missing data into the red payer’s data entry forms by clicking on the payer name (for any payer you want to create a Tax1099 form for, their name must have a green dot next to it)
  • Select ‘Edit’ in the payment row to change box numbers or amounts for individual vendors
  • After all, edits are complete, you can do one of three things: export all the data to excel by clicking ‘Export All,’ add new items that may not have been included in Bill.com by clicking ‘Add New Item’ and selecting items you want to add or move forward by clicking ‘Applicable Vendors’ 
  • After you’ve selected the vendors you want, click ‘Next’ to view the form for any vendor (here you can download the export to Excel from this page if you have not previously)
  • Click ‘Finalize’ to enter the data into the system, then click ‘Checkout’ on the checkout screen
  • On the Select Forms Page, click ‘Schedule All Vendor E-File’ to choose the date to send the information to the federal agency (you can delay the e-File to give yourself time to make adjustments if needed)
  • You can select the delivery method, ‘Email’ or ‘Mail,’ to send copies to the recipients (if you want to print and mail the forms yourself, make no selection in these columns)
  • TIN matching is available here to help prevent penalties for mismatched taxpayer ID and name combinations (state filings to non-combined federal-state filing states can also be chosen here, if applicable)
  • You can view a preview copy, edit, or delete forms at this point
  • Select the vendors you want to create forms for and click ‘Next’ 
  • Once on the payment page, enter your payment information and click ‘Pay Now’ (we will send you a confirmation email and receipt for the payment)
  • Email copies go into our queue to be sent as soon as possible, and mailed copies go out within 24 hours (you can check the status of the copies from the dashboard)

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