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2019 Updates For 1099 Filers

2019 Updates For 1099 Filers – The summer is turning to fall, and we’re all beginning to turn our attention to preparations for one of the busiest days of the year: January 31st, the day that your 1099-MISC forms are due to the IRS. It wasn’t so many years ago that this deadline was March 31st, and that the two-month adjustment took us all by surprise.

We’d like to make sure that you’re prepared for the 2019 filing season. When it comes to informational return filing, no surprise is a good surprise.

Except, maybe, that we’re bringing you an updated Tax1099 platform this January! We’re still working out the last little details, and putting on the finishing touches, but it won’t be long before you’ll be able to dive in to the new Tax1099.

Tax1099 For 1099 Filers

We’re constantly updating our platforms, not only from compliance and usability standpoints, but from a security standpoint. We’re cutting edge, from every angle. That’s what the digital age demands. So, what can you expect from the all-new Tax1099?

Tax1099 Compliance Updates

Compliance updates for 1099 filers. Our team of experts is constantly monitoring IRS and state requirements. We’re the first to know when a requirement changes, and we immediately make the necessary changes to our platform.

State Filing Requirements

Many state departments wait until the last minute to declare their rules for the season. We know that can be frustrating and frightening. We’re on your side. We’ll track these requirements, so that you don’t have to track them for yourself. When you’re using Tax1099, we’ll alert you to the various requirements your filing needs to meet.

Tax1099 Usability Updates

Usability updates. We’ve conducted user feedback sessions, both formally and informally, since the last filing season. That’s one of the reasons that we love attending conferences across the country. Want to meet us? We’ll be at QuickBooks Connect and at the AP West Conference. We’d love it if you’d drop by to say hello.

What good is a new platform if we don’t teach you how to use it? Starting in late November, we’ll be offering training sessions for our users. We began offering these last year, and we loved the response we got from our users. We look forward to reacquainting you with our platform again this year. Want to sign up for one of our sessions? Subscribe to our blog to get first dibs on registration.

Tax1099 Security Updates

Lastly, we’re making data security updates to our platform. We already have one of the more secure platforms in our industry, strapping your information down with 256-bit, bank grade encryption, the same level used by some branches of the government.

Additionally, we pass the SSAE-16 Type II certification every year. We let a third-party auditor from the AICPA audit our data security measures. We’re also beefing up our optional additional security features, like TIN masking and unmasking, and two-factor authentication.


Every year, we look at how we can make our Tax1099 platform better, and how we can improve the experience you have with us. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please feel free to comment below! As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

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