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1099-MISC Integration Using QuickBooks Online

We’ve decided to post a series on integrating your vendor data into Tax1099.com. We’re at the QuickBooks Connect conference this week. We’ll lead off with integrating QuickBooks Online app data into Tax1099.com.

The Intuit App Center has listed Tax1099.com for over a year now. We integrated with QuickBooks Online even before that. QuickBooks Online’s “Plus” version tracks 1099-MISC data. We integrate with that version to bring your data into the 1099-MISC form.

Connect the App

Visit the Intuit App Center, and search for Tax1099.com. You can connect the app with a couple of clicks in QuickBooks Online. Authorize Tax1099.com to connect with your QuickBooks Online account. Your data from QuickBooks Online will import to Tax1099.com.

What does the process do?

The integration reviews the vendor file looking for 1099-eligible vendors. The integration brings over eligible vendors and their payment information. The process automatically excludes credit card payments. If you’ve mapped payments to accounts in QuickBooks Online, it will also exclude expenses.

What happens in Tax1099.com?

The 1099-MISC data loads into a grid, where you can view and edit each vendor’s information. Payments map from QuickBooks Online to Box 7 (non-employee compensation). You can edit the box category in Tax1099.com.

Tax1099.com also checks the import for issues that would cause the IRS to reject the vendor. For example, the IRS might reject a form with a 4-digit zip code or missing state code. Any issues our software finds will be visible in a downloadable spreadsheet. You can fix these errors in QuickBooks Online and start a new import, or you can edit directly in Tax1099.com.

In addition to e-filing with the IRS/state, you need to send the form to the recipient. We offer three delivery methods: PDF to portal, PDF to e-mail, and USPS. For more on these options, visit our Knowledge Base. Additionally, you can download and print vendor copies from our website. You can print these forms on blank paper and mail in a #10 double window envelope.

E-filed forms are due on March 31. In Tax1099.com, you can schedule the date you want us to send the forms to the IRS. This can give you time to edit forms before they are submitted.

Why should you e-file with Tax1099.com? You can:

  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online and other leading accounting software
  • File forms/corrected forms year-round
  • Access your forms online at any time
  • Use prior-year filing for corrected forms or to bring a company into compliance
  • Deliver forms to recipients
  • Upgrade to Enterprise to control user rights and manage form workflow
Integrate your QuickBooks Online vendor data with Tax1099.com. Take advantage of a best-in-class e-filing solution.