Streamlining Form 1099: IRS Changes 2023 & Tax1099 Updates

Streamlining Form 1099: IRS Changes 2023 & Tax1099 Updates

7th Dec 2023


Ed Pratt (Co-Founder & Co-Founder, Zenwork)


  • Latest IRS tax form changes
  • Discover the intuitive changes to UI
  • eDelivery updates: ensuring digital documents are securely and promptly delivered
  • Data users editing access: enabling collaborative efforts and data accuracy
  • Assigning groupID to member users: simplifying user management
  • Schedule IRS filings feature: allowing you to automate your filing process
  • Tailor your communication preferences with the ability to Opt-Out of email updates
  • Retrieve past information effortlessly by being able to gather previous receipts
  • Customize your documents with unmask PDF options


Watch the webinar to navigate the latest IRS tax form changes and optimize your eFiling. Our experts will guide you through enhanced UI, cutting-edge eDelivery updates, and innovative features like data user editing, GroupID assignment, and PDF unmasking. Learn to manage API access, schedule IRS filings, and gather past receipts effortlessly. Discover how to opt-out of email updates while staying compliant. Don’t miss this chance to stay ahead in tax filing and eDocument management. Register now to secure your spot!