File W-2C Online 

File W-2C Online

Why File Form W-2C online with Tax1099?

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The W-2C form serves the purpose of rectifying errors or omissions in previously issued wage and tax information (W-2 Forms) for the current or prior years. It is a tool that can be utilized throughout the year to make necessary corrections to W-2 Forms that have already been provided to an employee. Whether addressing mistakes, updating information, or supplying new details, the W-2C facilitates the process of ensuring accurate and complete wage and tax documentation.

Form W-2C requirements

  1. Incorrect tax year
  2. Incorrect employee names or Social Security Numbers
  3. Incorrect employee earnings or tax withholdings:
    • Wages, Tips and Other Compensation
    • Social Security Wages, tips, & tax withheld
    • Federal Income Tax Withheld
    • Allocated Tips, Dependent Care Benefits
    • Incorrect state/local information (only if applicable)

Common uses of W2-C

Form W-2C is a frequently encountered document, with its prevalence underscored by its prominent appearance on Form W-2s. This form serves the crucial purpose of rectifying any inaccuracies in information previously submitted to the IRS. Employers employ Form W-2C to address and amend errors identified on the initial W-2.

The sections within Form W-2c include:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Previously Reported Information
  3. Correct Information
  4. State Correction Information
  5. Locality Correction Information

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