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File Form W-2 Online for Tax Year 2023

Why File Form W-2 online with Tax1099?

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Form W-2 is a tax document utilized for reporting employee wages and the corresponding withheld taxes, including social security, income, and Medicare taxes. Employers should send the W-2 Form to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Depending on the regulations in your state, you might also be required to file Form W-2 and additional reconciliation forms with the relevant state authorities.
Review the state filing requirements for your W-2 form.

Details Required to file Form W-2 Online

Employer Details

  • Name of the employer
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Type of employer (e.g., individual, corporation)
  • Employer’s address

Employee Details

  • Employee’s name
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Employee’s address
  • Contact information for the employee

Federal Details

  • Federal income information for the employee
  • Federal taxes withheld from the employee’s income

FICA Details

  • Social Security taxes withheld from the employee’s income
  • Medicare taxes withheld from the employee’s income

State Details

  • State income information for the employee
  • State taxes withheld from the employee’s income

How to file Form W-2 Online for TY 2023

  • Log in or register on Tax1099.
  • Choose Form W-2 and select the relevant tax year for filing.
  • Input all necessary information such as employer and employee details, wages, and tax withholding details on Form W-2.
  • You can enter data manually or use custom CSV/Excel templates for bulk upload.
  • Review the entered information and make any necessary alterations.
  • Tax1099’s system automatically checks and validates your completed Form W-2 to ensure accuracy and electronic filing format compliance.
  • After reviewing, securely submit your form to both the Social Security Administration (SSA) and relevant State agencies.
  • Tax1099 supports electronic filing for both Federal and State filings, streamlining the entire process.
  • Distribute copies of the W-2 to your recipients, either through postal mail or by providing online access via IRS-compliant eDelivery.This ensures a smooth delivery process and easy accessibility for your recipients.

Penalties for not filing W-2 Form within the Due Date

The deadline to file Form W-2 online for the 2023 tax year is January 31, 2024 Not filing Form W-2 before the deadline or providing incorrect information may lead to IRS penalties.
Time Limit Minimum Penalty per Form Maximum Penalty per Year
Filed within 30 days  $60  $630,500 ($220,500 for small businesses) 
After 30 days and before August 1  $120  $1,891,500 ($630,500 for small businesses) 
After August 1  $310  $3,783,000 ($1,261,000 for small businesses) 
Fraudulent Filing  $5,000 or more 

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