eFile 1099-INT 

eFile 1099-INT

Important dates to eFile 1099-INT

Filing Type Due Date
Recipient Copy Jan 31, 2024
IRS eFile April 01, 2024
IRS Paper Filing Feb 28, 2024

Why eFile 1099-INT with Tax1099?

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How to eFile 1099-INT with Tax1099?

  1. Login to Tax1099 account
  2. Choose form 1099-INT
  3. Enter form 1099-INT details
  4. Review the provided information
  5. Transmit the form 1099-INT to IRS
  6. Deliver the recipient copies either through USPS or online

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The primary mistakes frequently encountered when completing Form 1099-INT include:

  1. Inaccurate amounts, codes, or checkboxes.
  2. Absence of payee TIN (SSN, EIN, QI-EIN, or ITIN) or incorrect payee TIN/Name combination.

If there is a need to correct an IRS 1099-INT that has already been submitted to the IRS, it is essential to provide corrected copies of Form 1099-INT to the respective recipient(s).

To correct a previously filed Form 1099-INT with the IRS, utilize a separate Form 1099-INT and mark the “CORRECTED” box with an “X”. Ensure all necessary corrections are made on the 1099-INT Forms before transmitting them to the IRS.

If the error pertains to an incorrect TIN/ID, a written statement must be sent to the IRS to rectify the form.

Penalties from the IRS may be imposed for the submission of 1099-INT Forms under the following circumstances:

  1. Failure to submit the 1099-INT by the specified deadline.
  2. Submission of an improperly formatted paper form that is not machine-readable.
  3. Utilizing the 1099-INT for an incorrect tax year.
  4. Failure to use the accurate copy of Form 1099-INT.
  5. Filing with an incorrect or missing Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
  6. Submission of inaccurate information on the form.
In the event of filing a 1099-INT Form that is tardy for less than 30 days, the penalty amounts to $60 per form. This penalty increases to $120 per form if the filing is more than 30 days overdue. These penalties apply to corrected forms filed with the IRS. It is imperative to act quickly to avoid higher penalties as the issuance of a correct form moves further from the initial deadline.