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An eFiling platform designed for small and medium businesses

  • eFile IRS forms 1099, w2, 940, ACA, and more
  • Supports state and federal filing
  • 100% accurate TIN match
  • Budget-friendly eFiling for all form volumes
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Until 2022, the IRS did not require the filing of information returns for businesses with fewer than 10 information returns for 1099 or W2 forms each tax year. However, starting in 2023, it’s made mandatory for organizations with ten or more information returns of any type, be that 1099 forms or W2s, to submit those forms to the IRS electronically rather than on paper, as has been done in the pasts how Tax1099 is tailored to accommodate businesses of all sizes, providing easy and secure eFiling for any number of forms, whether it’s 10 or 10,000.

eFiling Process That's As Easy as 1-2-3


Sign up, select the form, and fill in all the required information.


Validate the entered information and make any changes. We also allow you to eCorrect your information


After validating the info transmit the forms to IRS securely in minutes.

Simplified eFiling with best-in-class features

Simple and secure eFiling

With tax1099 you can file your forms in just 3 simple steps and we are equipped to protect that information with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certification standards

Accurate TIN Matching

Validate your TIN/Name combos via individual or bulk checks in real-time in just under 5 seconds.

USPS Print and Mail

Leave the burden of USPS printing and mailing tax forms to your recipients on Tax1099 and we will do it with utmost security.

Create, edit, and schedule forms

Tax1099 understands the hassles of tax filing and we have curated a process keeping small businesses in our minds with just 3 simple steps.

Small and medium businesses can eDeliver, eFile, and eCorrect these forms with Tax1099

1099 Forms

eFile all your 1099 forms series like 1099-NEC, MISC, K, B, R, and more within minutes.

State Filing

Stay ahead of state filing deadlines with our up-to-date info & and easy-to-use platform.

Identity management

Access W-9 forms, update vendor records, and validate TIN Match using the IRS database

Payroll Forms

Tax1099 helps you IRS eFile payroll tax forms 940, 941, 944, 945, W2, W2-CA, and more for 2023 at prices as low as $0.99/form

ACA Forms

Ensure compliance with IRS Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting standards by eFiling Forms 1095-B/C and 1094-B/C to the IRS and relevant state authorities.