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Pre-File your tax forms for 2023 with Tax1099 now! 
Tax1099 has revolutionized the way you file your information returns by offering a pre-filing service that ensures your forms are submitted promptly to the IRS as soon as they start accepting tax submissions. No more last-minute rush, no more stress. All you have to do is trust Tax1099 to be your dependable partner in efficiently managing your tax responsibilities. 
Your Taxes, Our Expertise – It's the Perfect Match
Pre-File Benefits

Avoid last-minute rush and stress

Ensure timely and accurate filing

Get ahead of any potential compliance issues

Reduce the risk of penalties and interest charges

Free up time to focus on other business needs

We eFile, e-Deliver, and e-Correct these Forms
1099 FORMS
eFile all your 1099 forms series like 1099-NEC, MISC, K, B, R, and more within minutes.
Payroll Forms
Tax1099 helps you eFile payroll tax forms 940, 941, 944, 945, W2, W2-CA, and more for 2023 at prices as low as $4.99/form.
Access W-9 forms, update vendor records, and Validate TIN Match using the IRS database
ACA Forms
Ensure compliance with Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting standards by eFiling Forms 1095-B/C and 1094-B/C to the IRS and relevant state authorities.
State Filing
Stay ahead of state filing deadlines with our up-to-date info & and easy-to-use platform.
Enabling Federal/State Compliant E-Filing, TIN Match, Print & Mail, W-9, and More
Why Pre-File for 2023 with Tax1099? 
Tax1099 is here to make your tax filing process smooth and worry-free. While the IRS doesn't officially start accepting tax forms until January 8th 2024, you can get a head start with us. We provide a secure and convenient platform to store your pre-filled forms until the big day arrives.
All you have to do is give your payer information, recipient details, and any form specifics that are ready to go. When the IRS is ready to roll, we'll step in and submit your forms seamlessly. Here's why you should choose to eFile with us:
1. One-Point Access
2. Notice Management
3. Security & Authentication
4. User Authority Management
5. Workflow Management
Hassle-Free Integration with Just a Click
It's Easier Than You Think
eFile Form 1099 NEC & Others
3 Simple Steps
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“The Tax1099 team took care of any issues when they were identified and did not stop working with me until everything was figured out. Getting this type of support is very important because of the deadlines for tax reporting. The Tax1099 teams’ commitment to following through is deeply appreciated!”

Brenda O,

St. John Holdings, Inc. Financial Benefits Administrator

“I created my free account and made a mistake while filing. I reached out to the team and they were very patient with me and worked with me to fix the problem. The team responded quickly to me and would send updates on what was going on as they were fixing it. I really appreciate their help!”

Yvonne P

Midwest Integrated Solutions, Tax1099 User

“I really was impressed with the support Tax1099.com provided at a time when I knew they were super busy.”

Judy B

Innovation to Enterprise, Director of Finance

“Tax1099 is exactly the tool we had been looking for to help us streamline our 1099MISC filing process. Their integration with Xero worked beautifully by allowing us to save many hours of data entry. With the help of Tax1099’s robust features, we were able to save time while offering our clients greater value.”

Cindy H

Beyond Balanced Books, Inc. Founder and Owner

“We decided to outsource the process and Jon and the Team from Tax1099 were a lifesaver. Jon helped with some customized eFile assistance and all we had to do was forward an excel file with our information and Tax1099 took care of the rest at a very reasonable cost.. I would highly recommend Tax1099 to any company and look forward to working together with them in the for years to come.”

Jim S

The Evans Network of Companies, Small Business Owner

“It was great having Tax1099 help service our filing needs. Jon was very helpful throughout the process and ensured the file that we provided was correct and didn’t have any issues. Additionally, he was readily available anytime I had questions!”

Ryan V

Zenefits, Finance and Risk

“As a current and past customer, I’ve always looked to Tax1099 as my “go-to” when in a crunch with my clients’ needs.”

William C

Talk Space, Controller