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Features & Integrations

Powerful features and integrations to bring you seamless convenience

Tax1099 Secured Plaform eFile with IRS, SSA, and CFSF

With tax1099, filing your taxes is easier than ever. Simply upload your 1099 forms and eFile them directly to the IRS, SSA, and with states that participate in the Combined Federal State Filing (CFSF) program – all in one go. Skip the paperwork shuffle and multiple filing deadlines and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your taxes are filed accurately and on time. Sign up today and experience the effortless way to get through tax season!

Single Sign-on Smart eFiling with AI

Bid farewell to the hassle of manual work with Tax1099's cutting-edge eFiling powered by AI. Our automated system handles form completion, error checks, and ensures a seamless and efficient process

Two Factor Authentication on Tax1099 Corrected/Void form eFiling

Tax1099 offers a streamlined solution that allows you to effortlessly correct or void your form contents even after the IRS has accepted it.

Rights Management Schedule your eFile

Plan ahead with Tax1099's scheduled eFiling feature to avoid last-minute stress and ensure timely and compliant tax filings. Using our scheduled eFile feature you can prepare your forms and set them to be submitted to the IRS on a future date so you can get your prep work going and have everything ready to go when it’s needed.

With Tax1099, you can also enjoy the flexibility to reschedule dates or update information at no additional cost before you transmit. Take control of your filing process with ease and simplicity.

Rights Management W-9/W-8 eSolicitation

Request and collect taxpayer identification numbers and other details electronically through W-9 or W-8 forms from your recipients to verify TIN, name, address, etc.

Rights Management IRS Compliant eDelivery

Tax1099 offers convenient and IRS-compliant eDelivery through our eDelivery portal, streamlining the distribution of recipient copies. With this service, we handle requesting permission for electronic delivery of forms from your recipients and track the status of their election. When forms are ready to deliver, all necessary documents can be electronically sent to your recipients, ensuring a swift and efficient process.

Tax1099 - Form-w9 Download and Distribute 1099 Payer/Recipient copies (CSV/PDF)

Tax1099 allows users to download and distribute 1099 Payer/Recipient copies in CSV PDF format within minutes.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo Real-time TIN Match

Instantly verify Taxpayer Identification Numbers in real-time, ensuring accuracy and compliance at the speed of your business.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo TIN Match Within 24 Hours

Verify Taxpayer Identification Number and name combinations in 24 hours for an efficient and cost-effective verification process.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo Bulk TIN matching

Ensure the accuracy of your 1099 filings and avoid potential penalties by validating your vendor/payee TINs against IRS data with Tax1099. Our bulk TIN matching feature allows you to effortlessly validate multiple TINs at once (up to 10,000 records), providing prompt notifications for any identified mismatches.

Tax1099 Workflow Resubmission of IRS-rejected forms

As a customer-centric business, Tax1099 strives to provide optimal assistance to our users. In line with this commitment, we've introduced a resubmission feature, allowing our customers to re-submit IRS-rejected forms at no additional cost.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo Audit Trail

Tax1099's audit trail guarantees that any changes to your forms are tracked and logged in case there are questions down the line. Our data validations leverage IRS business rules, Basic Form Validation, and IRS Schema checks to be certain that the filing is accepted by the IRS. Any detected errors will be clearly listed, and you'll receive prompts to remedy them prior to submission. This ensures that your transmittals are free of structural errors and that you have a way to track the content of the forms when submitting returns to the Federal and State authorities.

Bulk Upload Forms on Tax1099 Import data from 12+ Integrations

Tax1099 stands out as a leading platform offering support for over 12+ no-code integrations, including renowned accounting software tools like QuickBooks, ZohoBooks, Oracle NetSuite, and many more. We also support both Excel and text imports if you are using an unsupported accounting platform. Our user-friendly interface enables seamless data import with just a few clicks, providing a hassle-free experience for our users.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo API

Streamline the process of preparing and e-filing tax returns with the Tax1099 API Integration. Our API seamlessly supports federal filing, state filing, and the distribution of recipient copies for key tax forms such as 1099, W2, and payroll.

Tax1099 - Form-w9 AI chat assistance around the clock

Our 24/7 AI chat assistance exemplifies Tax1099's unwavering commitment to customer support. We stand ready to assist our customers anytime, anywhere, ensuring that help is always at their fingertips.

Tax1099 - TIN Match Generate 1096/W3 summary forms

Tax1099 simplifies tax filing by automatically generating 1096/W3 summary forms, saving you valuable time, and ensuring accuracy.

Note: Generating 1096/W3 forms is for your reference only. Filing these forms with the IRS is not required when you eFile 1099/W2.

Four years of secured data storage

The initial transmittal to the IRS is not the end of the road, you still need to have access to historical data in the event of an audit. Just upload your information once and access it effortlessly year-round for up to four years, even during the busy tax season.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo Complete Pre-built Reports

Tax1099 streamlines the process of downloading multiple reports, ensuring a time-saving experience with just a few clicks.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo Work With Your Team

Extend invitations to your team for collaborative work within your Tax1099 account. You can manage their access levels and assign specific businesses to them.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo Single Sign-on

Skip the login process by leveraging your single sign-on (SSO) investment. If you already have an SSO provider like Okta or Microsoft AD you can streamling login and credentials as well as manage access using those tools directly.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo Workflow Management

Manage the filing process by adding users to perform different tasks, such as data entry, review, form approval, form submission, or any combination of tasks.

  • Data Entry tasks are assigned to a Member User
  • Form Reviews are assigned to a supervisor
  • Form Approval & eFiles are conducted by the Admin User

Schedule Tax1099 Demo User management

Tax1099 provides robust user management capabilities, simplifying access and permissions. This facilitates smooth collaboration among users while upholding data security and separation of duties.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo Action Tracking

Tax1099's Action Tracking feature allows users to track their actions in real-time, view status updates, and receive notifications when necessary. This feature lets users stay on top of their filing process and ensure everything is completed accurately and on time.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo Security

Tax1099 delivers universal security and industry leading annual SSAE-18 Type II audits to protect your data. With high-end data encryptions, 256-bit bank-grade security standards, TIN masking, and robust authentication procedures, we protect your data, always making it our #1 priority.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo USPS Address Validation

Tax1099 ensures the validity and accuracy of addresses for error-free delivery for the US addresses handled by USPS.

Schedule Tax1099 Demo Two Factor Authentication

Protect your account with two-factor authentication. Get notifications straight to your registered phone with a secure PIN or password to protect your Tax1099 account.

QuickBooks Desktop

Find out why Intuit chose Tax1099 as their preferred partner for QuickBooks Desktop 1099 eFiling. Tax1099 offers multiple methods for QuickBooks Desktop users to import their data, to ensure that you connect QuickBooks Desktop and Tax1099 in the best way for your situation. Use our helpful questionnaire to determine the best method. If you’ve already exported your data to Excel, you can upload your information by formatting to our Excel template. Sign up, or login to your Tax1099 account to get started.

Experience two-way 1099 data sync with our enhanced QuickBooks Online-Tax1099 integration In response to user feedback sessions, Tax1099 is proud to announce the addition of two-way 1099 data sync between QuickBooks Online and Tax1099. Make edits in either location, and sync the changes back and forth. Connect with us on the QuickBooks Online app store to get started.


We are tightly integrated with Xero. Sync 1099 information back and forth. Our Xero integration has expanded to include a two-way 1099 information sync. Updates that you make in Tax1099 can be synced back to your source data in Xero. Simply map your tax data in Xero, and select Tax1099 as your eFile service. We now offer Xero PDF imports for W-2 forms, as well. Get started from Xero.

We offer a fluid integration with Bill. Sync edits back to your source data. Tax1099 loves We have boosted our integration capabilities to include a two-way data sync for 1099 information. This responsive integration makes accountants’ lives easier. Prepare your 1099 information in, then connect with Tax1099 through the App Center.


We import from Entrata. Connect with Tax1099 for a seamless integration. Tax1099 integrates with Entrata to pull over your 1099 information. After importing, you’ll be able to view, edit, and submit your forms to the IRS. Your import begins from Tax1099, so log in to Tax1099 to get started!

We connect with FreshBooks. Pull data with a single click. Bring your 1099 tax information from FreshBooks to Tax1099. You can review your information after importing, to ensure that all your information is correct. Tax1099 also auto-checks for complete information and address validations. Begin your import from Tax1099 by logging in to get started!

Sage Intacct

Import 1099-qualified vendors and payments from Sage Intacct to Tax1099. Set up and preview your 1099 information in Sage Intacct. When you’re ready to import, login to Tax1099. You’ll be asked for your Sage Intacct login credentials, and we’ll pull your information into our database.

Initiate your Zoho Books import to Tax1099. View and edit your form results. Your data pulls directly from Zoho Books to Tax1099. The import process begins in Tax1099, so log in to your account to get started. You’ll enter your Zoho Books login credentials, and you’ll continue to eFile.


Use your own template with our user-friendly, on the fly headers field mapping feature. Upload your Excel sheet, and use our on-the-fly field mapping feature. You can also use our Excel import templates for any form type, including 1099 series and W-2 forms. Excel sheet can be uploaded for performing bulk TIN matches and/or sending bulk W-9 requests.

Seamlessly pull data from your AccountingSuite profile into Tax1099 to eliminate manual entry. Our integration with AccountingSuite allows their customers to import their 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC data to Tax1099 through a streamlined integration. Users can log in to AccountingSuite via Tax1099 and import 1099-eligible payer, vendor, and payment data. This eliminates manual entry and cuts down on filing time. AccountingSuite users can also send and collect digital W-9s and use the TIN-matching feature to verify vendors’ SSNs or EINs.

QuickBooks Logo
QuickBooks Logo

Oracle NetSuite

Tax1099 has joined forces with Oracle NetSuite to offer our customers an efficient CSV (Comma-Separated Values) process. This streamlined approach not only saves valuable time but also minimizes the risk of errors. By submitting data in CSV format, users can conveniently upload large volumes of information in one go, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

With the collaboration of Tax1099 and Apex Technologies, our users can easily download the W2 PDF from Apex Technologies, upload them to Tax1099, eFile to the SSA, and deliver copies to employees as well.

QuickBooks Logo
QuickBooks Logo

W9 PDF import

Experience the convenience of importing bulk W9 forms in PDF format using Tax1099. Our user-friendly platform ensures a swift transformation of these forms into versions available for you to refer to within your Tax1099 account.