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Tax1099 – Designed For Every Business To Report 1099 Forms

An IRS-authorized e-filing platform designed for every business and their unique tax requirements.

When it comes to businesses, there is no one standard type or size. Businesses in the modern day come in different models, types, sizes, and capabilities. The one-size approach may not work as effectively today as it did a few years ago. Businesses back then had limited capabilities, operations, and did not contain the dynamism that they hold today. 

When businesses are dynamic, so are their needs. The same logic can be applied to their tax ‘habits’ and approach.

When businesses, especially small and medium-sized entities (that are on the rise), are preoccupied with their organizational tasks and goals, it’s hard for them to track all their finances. Obviously, the old bookkeeping days are gone and now replaced with new and digital bookkeeping applications and software, which, at the end of the year, are reviewed meticulously for taxes.

This last-minute approach to taxes tends to undesirable situations, such as the inaccuracy of reports in tax forms or repeated corrections or worse, even missed tax due dates because they do not have all the information they need in one place at the right time.

Hence, as an added measure to maintain accurate reports of ‘what’s coming in and what’s going out’,  businesses are being smart about investing in financial and account management tools and applications, which help them manage all their transactions in one place throughout the calendar or financial year. Given the remote business operations and outsourcing activities of modern-day businesses, these applications are in demand like never before.

Relying on accounting and financial tools is not enough if you want to not just know how well or how bad you have performed in a particular year, but also want to convey the same to the IRS.

That’s when you will need something more that will not just keep a track of your accounts and finances, but something that automatically tells you ‘hey, you owe the IRS $1000 in taxes for the tax year 2020-2021. Don’t forget to file your 1099 tax forms by due dates.” 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone remind you about your taxes at least a month before the due date? And wouldn’t it be better if someone not only reminds you about due dates but also guides you to file your tax forms accurately?

This is what a lot of businesses are looking for. 

Because not having this something by your side when you are filing your tax forms (as a business taxpayer) can lead to misclassifications, inaccurate reports, and worse – penalties.

Hence, some businesses are choosing to be one step ahead to comply with the IRS and maintain their stature in the marketplace. By choosing reliable convenient tax filing applications and tools, such as Tax1099, businesses are not just complying with the IRS, but acting responsibly in terms of filing taxes on time, and encouraging their fellow business connections and subordinates to choose IRS-compliant convenient tax filing options.

Because the price of non-compliance is not just money, but the reputation and the very business and connections that business owners thrive on.

So, if 150,000+ businesses trust and use a digital tax filing platform like Tax1099 every tax season, there must be something different about it, right? Given that these businesses are so different and dynamic in their approach to business and work, they all chose one thing that exhibits the commonality they were all looking for convenience.

The word “tax” is often construed as “complicated”. Tax1099 decided to deliver an experience so seamless and so easy that you no longer approach tax filing as a dreadful job, but a simple errand that can be completed in a few minutes.

So, what makes Tax1099 so special that all these different businesses chose this one tool? How does this digital platform address their varying needs? Why more and more businesses are looking for convenient tax filing tools like Tax1099? 

Let’s dig in.

Tax1099 Comes With Smart Features 

When it comes to filing tax forms, businesses look for two things – security and ease. Tax1099 offers 256-bit bank-grade security standard, the most advanced encryption standard known to man. This helps businesses to e-file their tax forms securely without having to worry about data interception or hacking.

And what about ease, you ask? Tax1099 offers a simple 3-Step E-File Process (link to 3-step process section of Tax1099 home page), which allows business taxpayers to create the required forms, validate the information, and file the forms online directly to the IRS. 

No software installations. No middlemen.

To experience these features, you are required to create an account (it’s free!). You can access all these features and integrations on your Tax1099 dashboard at no extra cost. 

So, let’s take a look at the features of Tax1099 in detail.


A secure e-filing platform is incomplete if the platform is not secure. But, how much security makes a platform secure enough? Well, so far, AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) is the most powerful and secure encryption standard known to man, which is also used by the U.S. Military and global governments to protect top-secret information. Tax1099 uses AES-256 to protect your information and give you privacy.

 Fun Fact:

AES-256 is so powerful, it would take humanity 77,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years to crack it (even with the most powerful supercomputer in the world, you can’t crack it) 

But to be extra sure, Tax1099 also conducts SSAE-16 Type II Audit, which, in layman terms, ‘scans’ our entire platform and network pipelines to detect any virus and/or data interceptors. This helps us ensure that your data is always safe with us. 

Two Factor Authentication

The internet is a tricky place. People can always pretend to be you and try to log into your online accounts. So, to notify you that someone is trying to log into your account or to make sure that it is really you who is trying to log into your Tax1099 account, we verify your device and location through our Two-Factor Authentication protocol. 

This way, your account is truly yours. On the off-chance of someone else trying to log into your account, you can revoke access or get help from our support team to recover your account. 

Primarily, this feature allows you to make sure that no one gets to access your account without your permission, and only you get to access your account. So, we send a one-time-password to your registered email ID and mobile phone number to verify your activity. 

 Single Sign-On

Tax1099 wants to provide a convenient experience to all its users. Hence, with a single sign-on, you can control your account, your connected accounts, users (yes, you can add other users at no extra cost), your data, your notifications, and other information. 

Essentially, this feature allows you to connect your accounting and data management accounts, such as Xero, Fresh Books, QuickBooks, Bill, and other applications, without having to sign in over and over. This allows you to focus on your taxes and your priority tasks without having to scramble for passwords and credentials.

Notice Management

When the IRS sends notices to businesses, they often fail to check them because they are preoccupied with other organizational tasks. This results in missed deadlines, penalties, and more. To combat such unpleasant scenarios, Tax1099 introduced the Notice Management feature. 

This comprehensive tool helps you organize all your IRS notices, right from the CP2100/CP2100A for an incorrect TIN to CP136B for a 941 deposit. You can manage all your communications with the IRS in one place. 

What’s more? You can keep tabs on your research, responses, bills, and other tasks involved in notice management. You can add clients, files, deadlines, and notes to your records, which helps you keep all your documentation organized and ready. 

Tax1099 will prompt you via email or mobile when you have unread notifications on your dashboard. This way, you never miss any notice or communications from the IRS.

Workflow Management 

Businesses that have a large number of tax forms to process follow a multi-stage workflow. So, they need a system that allows them to conduct multi-level reviews and approvals to maintain accuracy and consistency. 

Tax1099’s Workflow Management feature allows users to assign certain tasks to staff users without having to worry about privacy. The admin user is in complete control of the task assignment. This feature enables easier coordination, workflow, and uninterrupted filing processes. 

The admin user can simply create any number of staff users required to work on certain tasks. With multi-level staff users working through a pre-defined system and protocols, conducting comprehensive data validation procedures, form reviews, and more becomes easy.

 Rights Management

Tax1099’s Rights Management feature allows an enterprise admin user to assign certain rights to each new user created to perform certain tasks. This, in turn, helps your team to manage workflow and file tax forms with compliance. 

You see, the Workflow Management feature allows users to coordinate with each other and perform tasks with a systematic approach, while the Rights Management feature allows users to gain access to perform the assigned tasks.

Form W-9 Management

Often validating the information and following-up with your vendor is a hassle. Tax1099 simplifies this process with the Form W-9 Management feature. You can follow-up with your vendor through Tax1099. You can collect vendor W-9 forms, and they can update the forms and sign electronically. Once they have e-signed their W-9, their profile will be updated with the same changes.  

A PDF version of your vendor’s W-9 will be saved on our secure cloud per your vendor’s record. You can access it in the future if you need it for reference or otherwise.

Once you have gathered the W-9 information from your vendor, you can use our TIN Matching service to compare the information provided by your vendor with the IRS database.

 Bulk W-9

Tax1099’s Bulk W-9 feature allows users to send ready-to-sign W-9 forms to a large number of vendors at once securely via email. 

Vendors can fill up the forms and their profiles would be updated once they have e-signed the forms. You can use the updated information for your tax forms as needed.

TIN Match

The IRS penalizes taxpayers that fail to provide correct TINs and related information in their filings. 

Sometimes, the vendors may have provided incorrect information to you or maybe you need to double-check the information provided by your vendor before filing. Either of the cases calls for a careful TIN match. 

With Tax1099’s TIN Match feature, you can avoid B-Notices, penalties of up to $100 per incorrect TIN by proactively matching the Tax Identification Number (TIN) for your filings. When you use this feature, it helps you check if the TIN provided by your vendor is correct. If found wrong, you can follow-up with your vendors and get the correct TIN from them before you e-file your forms. 

Tax1099 also provides bulk TIN matching services. This way you can validate all your vendor information at once in accordance with the IRS database.

Address Validation

Use Tax1099’s powerful platform to validate the addresses of your recipients. We automatically validate the address and make sure that it matches the USPS address format, making e-filing quick and easy for you.

Scheduled E-file

Wouldn’t it be better if you could schedule your e-files for a certain date and forget about it? Well, that’s possible now with Tax1099. After you have validated the information and reviewed your forms thoroughly, you can schedule your tax forms for a certain date.

You can schedule each form for a certain date or schedule multiple forms in bulk. Just make sure that your scheduled date is before the deadline to avoid fines and penalties. 

If you do not have the time to schedule your forms, Tax1099 automatically schedules your forms to be submitted to the IRS at least a week before the due date to ensure compliance. 

Additionally, if you want to change the date of the schedule or edit the date for certain forms, you can do so at no additional cost.

Tax1099 Delivers a Customized Experience 

To further provide a convenient experience to users, Tax1099 has integrated some of the best accounting and data management tools, which enable easy data verification and management. 

All the tools can be enabled for your Tax1099 account right on your Tax1099 dashboard.

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