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On this year’s QuickBooks Connect

It’s hard to believe that, only a week ago, our team was boarding a plane in San Francisco, on the way back from QuickBooks Connect to home base in Fayetteville, Arkansas. QBC is always an exciting, energizing conference. We’re still sharing the great conversations we had with you among ourselves. 

QuickBooks Connect is a wonderful conference for checking in with our current users, those who depend on us for fast, secure, and accurate eFiling services. We also got the chance to talk with some accountants and small-medium business owners who need to update their 1099 filing process. Showing these filers that there is a better way to eFile is such a fulfilling experience for our team. 
One of the newest additions to our team, Brent Wooley, had this to say. 

“It was an awesome privilege to be able to attend the QBC conference this year. Getting to interact first-hand with accountants and business owners from all over the country with different perspectives and needs made for an invaluable experience. I look forward to using this experience to expand my knowledge base and improve my ability to connect with clients and better address their specific needs.”

Our team also enjoyed the chance to hear Major League Baseball legend, Alex Rodriguez, speak on his experiences. One member of our team, Client Relationship Lead, Logan Whelan, shares his thoughts on the talk. 

“I was intrigued at how ARod’s year long suspension from Major League Baseball changed his attitude. After that year off, he promised himself that he would sign twenty-five autographs per day. Why? Because he recognized that, without fans, there would be no Major League Baseball, there would be no New York Yankees, and there would be no chance to hit home runs in front of 54,000 people.
This challenged the way I think about my work, because I recognized the same is true for my situation. I love where I work, I love the people I work with, and I love plenty of other things that come along with working at Zenwork, Inc. The reality is that none of those would be a thing if Zenwork didn’t have over 100,000 users trusting us each year. I may not be able to sign twenty-five autographs per day (nor would anybody want my autograph), but I do have plenty of other ways I can express my gratitude and thankfulness for our users. Without them, there would be no Zenwork!”

All of us here at Zenwork would like to take this chance to echo Logan’s thankfulness for our users. We are honored to be your solution for 1099 filing, and we are grateful for the feedback you give us. We love incorporating your feedback into our compliance platforms. You make us stronger, and we’re glad to grow with you. 
Check out the new changes to our platform by visiting tax1099.com