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12. The Case of the Email Delivery


Walter had discovered that, with an Enterprise Account, he could enable user rights. Tax1099’s workflow management capabilities would help Walter accomplish the 1099 filing process. He could set up a data entry user, a review user, and an admin role. He could also create custom roles.

This was perfect for Walter. He worried about having to balance tax compliance with running his bakery. With user roles, he could share the responsibility of filing, and have the assistance of trusted employees. After signing up for an Enterprise Account, Walter decided to tackle the next question on his list: delivery of vendor forms.


Walter looked up from his computer as Ernest strolled into his office. Ernest flopped down onto the couch across from Walter’s desk, and kicked his feet up onto Walter’s coffee table. Walter scowled. Ernest was always barging in when Walter was working on tax information reporting.

“How’s it going, boss?”
“Just fine, Ernest. I’m very busy looking into vendor form delivery options.”
“Sounds great,” Ernest yawned.
He was never one for knowing where he wasn’t wanted.
“What can I do for you, Ernest?” Walter glared.
“I’m just thinking, boss … I remember that you sent me my W-9 by email. It saved paper, and I respect that. What do you say you send me my 1099 the same way?”
Walter stopped for a moment. He had been planning to buy pre-printed forms from an office supply store. Then, he would print off the forms onto the paper. He would buy envelopes and stamps, fold the forms, and stuff and stamp the envelopes. He was not looking forward to the process.
“Well? What do you say, boss?”
Walter blinked. “I’ll give it a try, Ernest.”

Walter turned his attention to Tax1099. He had already scheduled his forms for submission to the IRS. So, he navigated to Forms > Manage Forms to find his information. He selected the Payer and Tax Year from the drop down menus near the top of the page.

After doing this, Walter’s forms filled the page. He looked at some of the featured buttons in the chart. He could see “Download all PDF,” he could see “Download multiple PDF” … He continued to look across the page. Then, he found it: “Email Recipient Copy.”

Interesting. He knew he had Ernest’s email address. He had used it earlier in the year to e-solicit a W-9 through Tax1099. He selected the checkbox next to Ernest’s name.

Then, he stopped to think. Surely other vendors had email addresses as well. Walter suddenly remembered a list of email address he had gathered. He popped open his top desk drawer. Now, to edit the recipients.

Walter flipped over to the “People” tab, and selected “Manage Recipient.” In the action column of each recipient, he saw an “edit” button. Walter selected this button to add email addresses for his recipients. He then returned to the “Manage Forms” page to complete his email submission request.
He was informed that, though the forms had not reached the scheduled date for the forms to be sent to the IRS yet, the vendor email request would be processed immediately. Walter acknowledged the information, and continued with the request.

Walter returned to the Dashboard, and looked to the lower right-hand corner of the page. He saw a heading labeled, “Email Status.” Under this heading, he could see vendor names, email address, and the delivery status of the form to that vendor. Excellent. This way, Walter would be able to see if his vendors opened their email. If not, Walter could follow up with a paper copy.

Forms would be emailed to vendors from the email address noreply@tax1099.com. Walter made note of this – he would tell his vendors to add that email address to their trusted contacts list. He had to contact his vendors anyway, to make sure they opted-in to the electronic delivery of their forms.
The email his vendors would receive would include a password-protected PDF of the form. For many of his vendors, the password would be the first four letters of the last name, and the last four digits of the social security number. Simple enough.

Though Walter didn’t always get along with Ernest, he was something of an “idea man.” Electronic delivery of 1099 forms was something Walter could agree with.


Walter didn’t have all of his vendors’ email addresses, however. He’d have to find another way to deliver those forms.