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1099 Filing Season Deadlines

The years pass, but the deadlines remain fairly constant. It’s always good to have a handy reminder, though!

Below is a quick guide to deadlines for the 2015 filing season. Usually, the recipient copies should be marked for delivery by January 31st. This year, January 31st falls on a weekend, bumping the deadline to the following Monday.

Recipient Deadlines

Form Type
Recipient Postmark Date
1099 Series (except 1099-B, -MISC, and -S)
February 1, 2016
1099-MISC (boxes 8 or 14)
February 16, 2016
March 15, 2016

IRS Deadlines

One of the many advantages to e-filing is the longer deadline. The IRS e-file deadline is March 31, 2016.  The paper-filing deadline is February 29, 2016 (one extra day for Leap Year!).

State Filing Deadlines

These vary, but are generally February 29, 2016, or March 31, 2016. Check with your state to confirm.

De-stress by Filing Early

Remember, the above are the deadlines – you can always file earlier! If you have your data prepared, go ahead and get it done. Procrastination and anticipation hardly ever benefit your tax filing!