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10. The Case of the Submitted Filing

Guest Post by Tisha Morris


Walter woke up that morning feeling accomplished. He had created his 1099s and could breathe easier knowing he had that taken care of. He had learned that Tax1099 tracks all 50 states’ filing requirements. If he was expected to send any information to the state, Tax1099 would let him know. Tax1099 could satisfy any states’ filing requirements. Walter walked into his office to prepare for the day …

As he sat down and started up his computer, he realized something was off, but what? Everything seemed to look in order, nothing appeared to be missing. Walter could always tell when something wasn’t right. Then it donned on him, he never finished submitting his 1099’s! Ernest had distracted him with his new ideas about the chalk board, and he forgot to submit them. What was he going to do? Were the 1099’s even saved?

He logged into his account and decided to chat with one of the support specialists at Tax1099.com.


“Hello, I forgot to submit my 1099’s! How can I do that?” He asked.
“You will need to go to Forms > View/Edit/Submit to find the 1099’s that you have created. These will be the forms you have not yet submitted.”
“Ok, thank you,” said Walter, relieved.
Walter went to Forms > View/Edit/Submit and chose the payer, tax year and form type from the drop down menus to pull up his created forms. The forms were there! He couldn’t believe his eyes. He needed to get these 1099’s finished. He wasn’t sure how to proceed, so he decided to ask for more help.
“I have gone to View/Edit/Submit. I see my forms, but how to do I finish submitting them?” He asked.
“Before you submit the efiling, you might want to look through some of our additional features. We offer vendor form delivery, TIN matching, and state filing. You don’t have to decide on vendor form delivery or TIN matching right now – you’ll have the chance to choose those services even after you’ve efiled. If you’d like us to take care of your state filing, though, you have to choose that option now.

  1. Click the top checkbox on the left of the word ‘date.’ This will select all the forms in the table. If you’re not ready to submit all your forms, click the individual checkboxes to the left of each form.
  2. Before you continue, take a look at our additional features. Vendor form delivery and TIN matching are features that are available to you at any time. Our state filing feature, however, can only be selected before you submit your federal filing. So, if you’d like us to take care of your state filing, select that checkbox now.
  3. When you’re ready to move on, click ‘next’ to proceed.
  4. On the following page, enter your credit card information on the payment screen.
  5. Once your payment has gone through, you will receive a 9-digit reference number. This is your submission confirmation in our system.

“Did you get all that, Walter?”
“I think so,” Walter replied. 

Walter followed the instructions. On the payment screen, he could see the summary of the amount due. 

He saw two options for paying the amount due – he could add a prepay amount, or he could enter his credit card information and pay the exact amount due. 

Walter saw that he could add a prepay amount if he wished to add funds to the account. This way, he wouldn’t have to enter his credit card information for each submission. To load prepay amount, he would go to History > Prepay History, and upload the desired amount.

After Walter selected pay & submit to e-file, a reference number appeared. Now, all he wanted to see copies of his submitted forms. Where should he go to see them? 

‘Where do I find my submitted forms? Walter asked support in the live chat.
“You will go to Forms > Manage Forms, and select the payer and tax year to pull up the submitted forms,” replied the support specialist.
“Thanks again,” responded Walter.

Walter went to Forms > Manage Forms. He pulled up his submitted forms. Everything looked good.
He checked his email for the receipt for the filing fee he had just paid Tax1099.com. He was keeping an eye out for the email address support@tax1099.com. He printed this page off for his records. He got his receipt for filing within a few minutes of submitting forms, which he found a plus to using this service.

The weight was lifted off his shoulders, his 1099s were completed. Now he could get back to making a decision on Ernest’s new chalkboard ideas.


With Tax1099 by his side, Walter had newfound hope in his ability to efile. It was a partnership that was sure to last. Walter stopped dead in his tracks. What if he were to become suddenly ill? What if his illness made him incapable of submitting his remaining forms, when it counted the most? It was time to bring in a contingency plan, in the form of a Tax1099 account upgrade.