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If you’re running a platform or marketplace, you may be required to file 1099 tax forms with the IRS and state authorities. A 1099 tax form is used to report various types of income and payment transactions.

A 1099 tax form is used to report various types of income and payment transactions. Various tax forms commonly used in online marketplace transactions, include Form 1099-NEC for non-employee compensation, Form 1099-K for payment card and third-party network transactions, and Form 1099-MISC for miscellaneous income.

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Common Tax Forms Required for Marketplace

Online Marketplaces are required to send sellers a Form 1099-K for payments made in settlement of reportable payment transactions for each calendar year.

Thresholds for Form 1099-K are changing each of the next 3 tax years, and Tax1099 can help you keep track of the progress.

The business owner and employer that makes payments to the service provider or contractor for their services is required to report those payments to the IRS and also send a copy to the service provider or contractor.

Businesses operating in the digital marketplace should report payments made to independent contractors, freelancers, and other service providers who earn income through these platforms. Marketplaces must issue Form 1099-MISC to individuals or businesses that have received $600 or more in payments for services rendered.

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