Tax1099 Pricing Examples - Single And Multiple User Payments

Pricing Examples

Our pricing calculator is available here. We provided some examples to show how our tiered pricing works.

Single User with One Payer

For this example, a small business user has 15 contractors who need 1099-MISC forms, and the forms must be mailed. The total cost will be $61.00.

  • The first 10 forms cost $2.99 each to eFile, for $29.90.
  • The next five forms cost $1.99 each to eFile, for $9.95.
  • Each form costs an additional $1.75 to mail, or $26.25.
  • $29.90 + $9.95 + $26.25 = $66.10.

Single User with Multiple Payers

For this example, a bookkeeper has several companies as her clients. Each one has slightly different forms to file. All of the forms add up under the bookkeeper's account to lower her per- form cost as she files more forms.

  • Client 1 has 15 1099-MISC forms to eFile and mail, which will cost $61.00
  • Client 2 has 40 W-2s to eFile only, which will cost $76.00 (40 forms X $1.90 each).
  • Client 3 has 50 1099-INT to eFile and mail, which will cost $165.00 (45 forms eFiled at $1.90 each + 5 more forms eFiled at $0.90 each since she surpassed the 100- form tier + 50 mailed forms at $1.50 each).

Multiple Users with Multiple Payers

For this example, an accounting firm has several users. All of the form volumes will aggregate under the account to permit a large filer to have a lower volume cost across the account.

  • User 1 eFiles 150 1099-MISC for a client. The cost is $245.00 (10 forms at $2.90 each + 90 forms at $1.90 each + 50 forms at $0.90 each).
  • User 2 eFiles and mails 100 W-2s and 20 1099-MISC for a client. The total cost is $288.00 (120 eFiled forms at $0.90 + 120 mailed forms at $1.50 each).
  • User 3 eFiles and mails 250 W-2s and 100 1099-MISC for client. The total cost is $798.00 (230 form eFiled at $0.90 each + 120 forms eFiled at $0.55 each + 350 form mailed at $1.50 each).
  • Since the account has exceeded the threshold of 500 eFiled forms, all additional e-filings will cost $0.55 each. The mailed forms are always $1.50 each.

Other Charges

We also offer TIN Matching at $1.00 for each request. If you have 10 recipients who need to be checked against the TIN Match database, the cost would be $10.00 (10 requests at $1.00 each). W9 requests are available in bundle pricing. If you have 10 recipients, then the cost will be $7.00. 940, 941, 944, and 1042-S forms are priced separately. If you make edits to a form before being submitted to the IRS you will have to pay for another form to be mailed USPS if desired.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards. You may either pay as you eFile or prepay a certain amount under your account.