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Our Award-Winning Features
Seamless Integration with
Accounting Softwares
IRS-Compliant eDelivery
Intuitive UI Redesign for Enhanced User Experience
Real-Time TIN Verification
Directly from the Source
W-9 & W-8 Collection for Vendor Onboarding
Bank-Grade Security
to Protect Your Tax Data
Sync your 1099 form in just a click! 
Tax1099.com integrates with QuickBooks Online to sync your 1099-qualified vendors and payments. We offer year-round eFiling, prior-year eFiling, corrected forms, and much more. 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC eFiling does not get any easier than
IRS-Compliant eDelivery
The IRS requires recipients to give their affirmative consent to receive copies of their forms electronically. Our new eDelivery portal allows payers to remain IRS-compliant by requesting and capturing recipient’s consent for eDelivery.
Intuitive UI Redesigned for Enhanced User Experience
The new user interface helps the user navigate through the platform with easy-to-follow icons and clear directions. The user can enable the classic UI as well if they prefer.
Real-Time TIN Match for error-free filing
Ever heard of a CP2100, or CP2100A? These are notices from the IRS, alerting you to incorrect filing information. Incorrect filing information means the risk of the IRS assigning penalties to your filing or filings. One of the surest ways to protect yourself is through TIN match requests: checking the vendor information you’ve got against the IRS database.
Collect vendor information: W-9 eSolicitation
It’s important to keep record of your W-9’s, and even your W-9 solicitations. Say that a vendor has been paid for their services, and it’s only now that you’re eFiling that the W-9 information is being collected. You’ve likely got a tough task ahead. The IRS wants to see that you’ve given it your best. With Tax1099’s W-9 eSolicitation feature, all it takes is an email address. We’ll send reminders to your vendor to fill out their form.
Transmit and store data under 256-bit, bank-grade security
We’re on the cutting-edge of data security. We protect your data with 256-bit, bank-grade security, the same level used by most of the government, even the military. We go above and beyond with a third-party audit on our security measures. We do whatever it takes to keep your sensitive data secure.
Control your internal eFile process with management solutions
For accountants and large filers, we permit multiple users and have built specific rights management and workflow capabilities that can work for your firm. You will be able to manage the 1099 process by choosing who enters data, who approves data, and who transmits the final forms.

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