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What is IRS Form 941?

IRS Form 941 is used to report quarterly federal taxes.
Example use: Businesses use this form to report wages, tips, and taxes.

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When would you need to file a 941?

  • If you paid wages, if your employees reported tips to you, or if you withheld federal income tax, social security tax, and Medicare taxes, you must file this form.
  • If you filed a Form 941 last quarter, you must file a return for this quarter, even if you have no taxes to report. There are many exceptions to this.
  • For more, Visit www.irs.gov

Important dates

With Tax1099.com, you can schedule the date that your forms are transmitted to the IRS. Scheduling your forms gives you time between when we email/USPS your forms to vendors, and when we send the forms to the IRS. This is useful because your vendors may have edits to make. You can make those changes in Tax1099 before the scheduled date at no extra charge. We automatically schedule your IRS eFile transmission at a week away from when you submit, or by the deadline. You can edit this date to match your preference.

Your Form 941 is due by the last day of the month that follows the end of the quarter.

Quarterly Includes Quarter Ends Due Dates
Jan, Feb, Mar Mar 31 Apr 30, 2019
Apr, May, June Jun 30 July 31, 2019
July, Aug, Sept Sep 30 Oct 31, 2019
Oct, Nov, Dec Dec 31 Jan 31, 2020

eFile info

E-file Your Tax with Tax1099

Electronically-filed 941 forms are directly transmitted to the IRS from Tax1099.

You will receive IRS acknowledgement of your eFile by email within 3 - 7 business days.


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